Comparison with ANSI SQL

Manifold SQL is generally ANSI 92 compliant. However, certain ANSI SQL features are not implemented in Manifold SQL. Conversely, Manifold SQL includes reserved words and features not supported in ANSI SQL. These differences are normally exactly the same as those encountered when comparing Microsoft Jet SQL with ANSI SQL.


Manifold SQL and ANSI SQL each have different reserved words and data types. For more information, see the SQL Reserved Words / Index and Data types topics.


Enhanced Features of Manifold SQL


Manifold SQL provides the following enhanced features compared to ANSI SQL:


§      Ability to change the type or name of a column with the ALTER TABLE statement.

§      TOP and SKIP quantifiers.

§      Ability to use the GROUP BY and ORDER BY clauses with expressions.

§      Ability to use the ORDER BY clause in subqueries.

§      VBScript-like functions for use in expressions.

§      LIKEX operator and true regular expressions.

§      TRANSFORM statement

§      Additional aggregate functions, such as StDev and VarP

§      Aggregate functions using DISTINCT with expressions (e.g., SUM(DISTINCT [A]+[B])).

§      SPLIT BY and LEAVING clauses.

§      PARAMETERS declaration for defining parameter queries.

§      Spatial extensions

§      Geocoding extensions

§      Raster extensions


ANSI SQL Features Not Supported in Manifold SQL


Manifold SQL does not support the following ANSI SQL features:


§      Security statements, such as GRANT and LOCK.

§      Transaction statements, such as COMMIT and ROLLBACK.

§      Constraints and indices (both are widely used implicitly in Manifold).

§      NULL values in tables. NULL values in queries are fully supported.


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