Comparison with Jet SQL

Jet is the Microsoft database engine used to build Microsoft's Access DBMS. Because it is available to Microsoft software developers as a free redistributable many third party applications also use Jet as the database application powering the application. Since Jet includes Microsoft's implementation of SQL, Jet SQL has become a very widely distributed implementation of SQL.


Enhanced Features of Manifold SQL


Manifold SQL provides the following enhanced features compared to Jet SQL:


§      More powerful joins (can include multiple columns of any type, and use any Boolean expression).

§      SKIP quantifier.

§      No restrictions on types of nested joins (can nest INNER JOIN inside, for example, a LEFT JOIN and vice versa). FULL JOIN and CROSS JOIN operators.

§      No restrictions on the number of logical expressions used in the HAVING and WHERE clauses.

§      The ability to use records and lists of values in comparisons, BETWEEN AND , IN , and other operators.

§      CASE , COALESCE , NULLIF and other ANSI operators.

§      LIKEX operator and true regular expressions in queries.

§      UNIQUE operator.

§      A pivot expression used in a TRANSFORM statement is not required to return a string.

§      SPLIT BY and LEAVING clauses.

§      CAST and other ANSI functions for use in expressions .

§      Spatial extensions

§      Geocoding extensions

§      Raster extensions


Jet SQL Features Not Supported in Manifold SQL


Manifold SQL does not support the following features of Jet SQL:


§      Security statements, such as GRANT and REVOKE.

§      Transaction statements, such as COMMIT and ROLLBACK.

§      Procedure statements.

§      Constraints and indices (both are widely used implicitly in Manifold).

§      NULL values in tables. NULL values in queries are fully supported.


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