Database Administrator Edition

Manifold System Database Administrator Edition is a version of Manifold System that includes additional capabilities for setting up and managing GIS data storage in DBMS systems not found in other editions. If you have purchased and installed Database Administrator Edition the features described in this topic as well as in the Tools - Administrator Console topic and the Tools - Batch Export topic will be available to you. Database Administrator Edition is also included within Ultimate Edition. If you have installed some Manifold System edition other than Database Administrator or Ultimate editions you will not be able to use these features.


Database Administrator Edition is a superset of Enterprise Edition and includes all features found in Enterprise Edition. In addition, Database Administrator Edition includes a powerful managerial console called the Administrator Console that enables IT and DBMS administrators to configure data sources used to store the enterprise's geospatial data. The Administrator Console allows administrators to configure GIS data storage within the data source so that the data source is easier and more convenient to use for ordinary GIS users.


Database Administrator Edition also includes the Tools - Batch Export tool that facilitates rapid, mass uploading of Manifold drawings, images and surfaces into Oracle spatial databases. Upload of drawings requires an Oracle database server with Oracle SDO_GEOMETRY capability. Upload of images and surfaces requires an Oracle database server that supports Oracle GeoRaster capability. Oracle Spatial supports both types. Note that Oracle Express Edition supports SDO_GEOMETRY but not GeoRasters.


The intent of Database Administrator Edition is to make it easier for organizations to concentrate the expertise they have available for DBMS and IT administration, so that relatively few expert users can make it possible for relatively many, less expert users to take advantage of the power of geospatial data centralization within enterprise-class DBMS storage.




Organizations that store their geospatial data within databases will acquire Database Administrator Edition licenses for their IT and DBMS administrators in addition to however many Enterprise Edition or Universal Edition licenses they acquire for other users. The administrator swill use Database Administrator Edition to set up the DBMS for enable more convenient use by ordinary users, for example, by setting up friendly names or by enabling the storage of formatting for drawings as well as geometry and attributes.


Once Database Administrator Edition is used to configure a database with user-friendly features, any Manifold edition connecting to that database (such as Enterprise Edition or Universal Edition) can utilize those features. Manifold editions other than Database Administrator Edition that connect to the database will not be able to override or alter the settings specified using Database Administrator Edition. This assures that expert configuration by administrators will not be altered into chaos by inexpert users.


Although a typical large organization might have a few dozen Database Administrator Edition licenses with many hundreds of Enterprise Edition licenses, some organizations will have a higher ratio of Database Administrator Edition licenses if the organization has a higher percentage of users with the skills and administrative responsibilities to be trusted with administrator functions. For example, a very small organization such as a consultancy with a staff of five professionals, each of whom has great expertise and is trusted by his or her peers with DBMS administrative rights, might simply install Database Administrator Edition licenses for all five professionals. Each professional could then manage the DBMS as necessary, for example, uploading drawings and then right away configuring the data store for subsequent employment by his or her peers.


Conversely, an organization with relatively few administrators and many inexpert users will want to centralize all management of their data store within those few administrators and will therefore procure a relatively lower ratio of Database Administrator Edition licenses compared to the bulk of Enterprise Edition or Universal Edition licenses procured for ordinary users.


Benefits for Manifold System Users


Although the server statistics reporting capability of Administrator Console will prove useful in any environment, the client benefits of Database Administrator Edition such as friendly names will extend only to subsequent usage by Manifold System users and not to users of other GIS software. Legacy GIS software from other vendors does not in general have the capabilities of Manifold so the benefits of enhanced capability or user-friendly features made possible by Database Administrator Edition will not be available outside of Manifold System.


However, the client benefits of Database Administrator Edition are provided in a neutral way so that if a particular data storage method is used, such as SDO_GEOMETRY in Oracle Spatial, that supports multi-vendor interoperability then such interoperability will be preserved. Database Administrator Edition provides enhancements for the benefit of Manifold System users without interfering with least common denominator interoperability for users of other software.


In fact, Database Administrator Edition even allows DBMS administrators to identify some types of legacy storage, for example, using "open" binary geometry storage formats such as OGC WKB, as drawings that can be enrolled within Manifold user-friendly views. This allows Manifold users to still enjoy extended capabilities and user-friendly features even if the original data store was loaded from a legacy GIS system.




DBMS administrators will normally employ Database Administrator Edition in the following workflow for each component uploaded to the data source in use:


1. Prepare the component for upload. For example, when exporting a drawing that is to be used for versioned edition to a non-Oracle DBMS we will have to create a version column. When exporting a drawing containing multiple variable-length columns to Oracle we will have to convert some of those columns to fixed length so that the drawing does not exceed the Oracle limit of one variable-length column per table.

2. If we are working with an Oracle database we can upload the component to the DBMS using the Tools - Batch Export command to export many components at once to Oracle. If the DBMS is not Oracle, we can export a drawing by exporting the drawing's table using File - Export and including the Geom (I) column as is shown in the Storing Drawings in SQL Server example topic.

3. Using Administrator Console, specify a friendly name to be used for that component.

4. Using Administrator Console, enable formatting, if desired, for drawings.

5. Using Administrator Console, specify link and import options for the component, for example, such as the version column to be used for versioned editing.


Step 1 above is accomplished using Manifold tools such as capabilities in Tables that allow adding new columns and changing column types.


Step 2 above is normally accomplished using File - Export dialogs or the Batch Export tool if an Oracle database is being used.


Steps 3, 4 and 5 are accomplished using the Administrator Console that is provided within Database Administrator Edition.


See the Using Administrator Console topic for details and examples on how the above workflow is accomplished using the Administrator Console. See the Tools - Batch Export topic for details on using Batch Export.


In addition to the above cycle for each component uploaded, the administrator will of course still manage the host DBMS in the usual way using whatever tools are provided for that DBMS. For example, administrators will create databases, create user logins and assign user roles and so forth. Such activity is DBMS-specific and will be accomplished using the administrative tools provided by the DBMS vendor.


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