images\ill_white_mlogo.gifThanks for licensing Manifold® System. Manifold System has exploded onto the GIS scene with unprecedented quality, performance, and value. Release 8 is a major upgrade to the previous release. It introduces many new capabilities while retaining key methods that will be immediately familiar to users of previous versions of Manifold System.


If you are new to Manifold System please do not be misled by the low price. Manifold System is by far the largest and most sophisticated GIS program ever created. Manifold includes many advanced capabilities beyond those found in ordinary GIS or mapping systems. It includes features similar to those in professional graphics editors such as Adobe PhotoShop, CAD systems like AutoCAD, database systems like Access or SQL Server, a full forms-based scripting environment, statistics and mathematics, data mining and charting, a sophisticated Internet Map Server, an optional US street address geocoder and one of the richest mapping packages around. There is so much functionality in Manifold that you should plan on spending a day or two reading the documentation and trying out examples to become aware of the full range of the product.


Read at least the topics in the Introduction chapter and the topics in the Examples chapter and you'll see that everything falls into place pretty quickly. Reading the topics in the suggested order will reward you with rapid expertise. Conversely, failing to read the documentation as suggested will cause unnecessary frustration, as Manifold cannot be learned by trying out menus or by quick skimming of Help topics.


More users new to GIS have learned to do GIS with Manifold than with any other system, so no matter what your level of expertise if you can patiently read through the documentation you too will learn Manifold rapidly and effectively.


Please begin by reviewing the Read Me First topic. This is a very important topic that should be read by all users.


Users of previous Manifold editions should read the What's New topic.


Technical Support


Manifold System licenses do not include free technical support. If you have acquired any technical support incidents, either a free incident as part of a marketing promotion or by purchasing one or more incidents, please take care not to waste those incidents. Free incidents are always for tech support by email using the procedures published on the manifold.net web site.


Should you ever need technical support, please read the Technical Support topic before contacting manifold.net. This will help you make best use of any free support incidents you may have available without wasting incidents. Note that all emails of a technical support nature that are sent to any manifold.net email address will be forwarded to tech support and will use up a support incident.


See the Products page on the manifold.net website for current pricing and availability of technical support products.


Documentation for All Versions


By default, Manifold System uses the web-based version of Help. Your computer must have Internet connection read Help. This documentation is available in a local version that may be downloaded and installed for use when there is no Internet connection available. Please see the How to Install this Documentation topic for details. That topic also describes how you can modify Help or create your own version of Help.


This documentation is written for all versions of Manifold System and options such as Business Tools, Geocoding Tools and Surface Tools. All editions and options share the same source code and user interface features so that any advance in quality, performance or ease-of-use advances will help users of any Manifold edition. All Manifold System editions are installed using the same installation file, either delivered by download or on a single disc. The serial number you provide when first launching Manifold determines which edition will be configured on startup and which options will be enabled.


Some features described in this Help file will apply only to a specific edition, such as Enterprise Edition. For a handy road-map of features in different Manifold editions, see the About manifold.net topic. If you are not familiar with the features packaged with different Manifold editions, take a moment to review that topic now.


Enterprise users should familiarize themselves with the basic operation of Manifold by reading the topics in the Introduction and Examples sections and then read all of the topics in the Enterprise Edition section.




This documentation includes topics that discuss features installed by optional Manifold products. The Surface Tools and Business Tools optional extensions provide additional commands and capabilities. The Geocoding Tools extension turns on street address geocoding capability within Manifold System and also enables rapid and easy creation of county maps in the US.

From time to time, manifold.net may make available free downloads of add-ins or other extensions to Manifold System. At the present writing the Traditional Topology Tools add-in package and the Manifold Spatial Extender for SQL Server may be downloaded from the manifold.net web site.


If you have not purchased these options or downloaded and installed the Traditional Topology Tools add-in or the Manifold Spatial Extender, you will not be able to use the capabilities described. All topics that depend upon an option will make it clear the option is required.


Users are also strongly advised to take advantage of free downloadable Image Server and (for users who have licensed the Geocoding Tools extension) Geocoding Server modules from the product downloads page. In particular, the use of Image Server modules is a revolution in ease of use and convenience when creating background images or background maps.


Important Configuration Notices


Very Important: Before starting Manifold, go to the Windows Control Panel Display dialog Effects tab and make sure that the Show window contents while dragging check box is not checked.


·      In Windows XP this option is found in the Control Panel's Appearances and Themes - Display choice under the Appearance tab by pressing the Effects button.

·      In Windows XP or Windows 2003, from the Start button open the Control panel and then open the Display dialog. Click on the Appearances tab and then press the Effects button. Uncheck the Show window contents while dragging check box.

·      In Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows 98 open the Control panel and then open the Display dialog. Click on the Effects tab, and uncheck the Show window contents while dragging check box.

·      In Windows Vista, open the Control Panel and click Appearance and Personalization. Click Customize colors, then click Open classic appearance properties for more color options and click the Effects button. Uncheck the Show window contents while dragging check box.


Checking this box will greatly slow down the system when displaying complex maps and images because it forces a refresh of the window contents with each minor change in mouse position while dragging the window. Make sure the box is unchecked.


Very Important: When working with large projects make sure to set your Windows use of virtual memory appropriately. Some editions of Windows, such as Windows XP x64, will set a maximum pagefile size that is too small by default. Drill down through the Control Panel - System applet's Advanced settings to change the maximum pagefile size to four or five times the largest project you will need to use. For example, if you will be working with 10 GB projects set the pagefile size to 50 GB. See the discussion in the Memory Requirements topic.


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Manifold® System is another fine product from your friends at manifold.net. See the About manifold.net topic for information on other Manifold family products.


We appreciate your business and your vote of confidence in our products. If you have suggestions for improvement write us at sales@manifold.net Each new release benefits from thousands of user suggestions to make a better Manifold for you.


If you like Manifold and the value that it provides please tell your friends about Manifold and post your views online. Because manifold.net invests into software development instead of into advertising the company depends upon the satisfaction of the Manifold user community for continued success. Enjoy!