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New update for Release 9: 9.0.171.

Raster analysis: big optimizations for heavily multi-core systems, Euclidean / path / slope path distances. Projections: NADCON5 transforms with grids for standard EPSG variants. Layouts: legends with complete control over each individual legend entry, smart snap when moving layout frames using the cursor, commands for quickly rearranging layout frames, custom page sizes. Extended and improved UI: Show / Rename / Delete Related components from the Project pane, option to include a base layer from Google / Bing / another image server when creating a new map, smart selection of text in edit controls on double-click, tracking unsaved changes to the opened MAP file. LiDAR: faster spatial indexes, work with a folder of LAS / LAZ files as a single library, batch-build indexes for LiDAR data with multiple indexes built in parallel. Dataports: 16-bit values in ECW files, multi-channel ECW files, auto-download web resources referenced in KML files, link KML from a web resource. Localizations: a built-in tool to create and edit localization files, specify localization to use in Options. Tons of small items.

See details in the announcement post and more details in the documentation.

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