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New update for Release 9: 9.0.173.

Panes and windows: individual panes can be shown simultaneously, windows and panes can be docked, moved around, undocked or closed using the context menu. Component + Record: merged together, show various new data for components, support editing a record in a table, the new Related tab allows searching for records in a secondary table related to the picked record. Select + Transform: reworked to better utilize screen space, remember state on a per-window basis, keep last used templates, extended result options, control over computation resources, many new templates and extensions to existing templates. Previews: a separate preview field in a table, a separate preview layer in a map, various display options, all data for the preview layer computed in the beginning rather than dynamically for very fast display. Queries: numerous new query functions, many raster functions extended to allow operating on a specific channel of a multi-channel image, many vector functions for 3d data extended to allow specifying the name of a field with Z values. Dataports: databases detect disconnects and automatically attempt to reconnect, optimize batch operations, faster export to GPKG, reading TIFF supports pyramid data stored within the file, geocoding servers of different types merged together and extended with new services, ArcGIS REST supports vector data.

See details in the announcement post and more details in the documentation.

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