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 Manifold 8.0.x freezes computer on File >Exit >Save changes > Yes19-Jun-17 by tonyw7279
 Error in scripting - Dissolve19-Jun-17 by adamw4110
 Radian Studio 9.0.161 not exporting image projection info to .ecw19-Jun-17 by adamw6277
 Disolve in scripting19-Jun-17 by CuDomagoj3137
 Species data aggregates18-Jun-17 by tjhb5239
 X Axis dimension on Profile Elevation16-Jun-17 by ColinD4270
 Manifold APIs web site16-Jun-17 by adamw582,284
 Image Server Issue with Version by stellar064514659
 Two small GUI bugs in Radian16-Jun-17 by adamw3146
 Import Excel file error16-Jun-17 by adamw3157
 Unknown error / Critical failure when using project pane filter15-Jun-17 by Dimitri6172
 mutliple logins cannot open map file15-Jun-17 by adamw4179
 Calling all Manifold users: What examples do you want to see in Radian?14-Jun-17 by KlausDE716,911
 date manipulation14-Jun-17 by adamw2169
 Transfer rules - scripting14-Jun-17 by CuDomagoj3113
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