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 Manifold System 8.0.2018-Sep-10 by adamw13,801
 Manifold System 8.0.1926-Aug-10 by adamw13,374
 Manifold System 8.0.1814-May-10 by adamw13,897
 Manifold System 8.0.1713-May-10 by adamw13,923
 Manifold System 8.0.1612-Apr-10 by adamw13,744
 Manifold System 8.0.15 (merged with 8.0.14)21-Aug-09 by adamw14,323
 Manifold System 8.0.1303-Jun-09 by adamw15,227
 Manifold System 8.0.1203-Feb-09 by adamw13,699
 Manifold System 8.0.1111-Dec-08 by adamw14,709
 Manifold 8.0.1022-Oct-08 by adamw14,228
 Manifold System 8.0.918-Aug-08 by adamw14,244
 Manifold System 8.0.825-Jul-08 by adamw14,072
 Manifold System 8.0.726-Apr-08 by adamw14,363
 Manifold System 8.0.604-Apr-08 by adamw14,505
 Manifold Spatial Extender for SQL Server 1.0.115-Mar-08 by adamw14,295
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