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New update for Release 9: 9.0.170.

Layer groups: organize map layers / layout frames and even table fields into groups for easy manipulation. Record pane enhancements: picking multiple objects, viewing pixels. Vector editing enhancements: editing modes, snaps, curves, a lot of new commands. Load and save ESRI traverse files. Coordinate system enhancements: EPSG 9.8.2, NADCON / NTv2 transforms, precise control over reprojecting images. Cleaner and smarter UI: updated visuals, smarter clicks, access keys in menus. Watersheds: radically faster and with more options than Release 8, parallelized. Viewsheds: radically faster than Release 8, parallelized. Faster startup, leaner and smarter installs. A new "portable everything" installation package with optional components such as database drivers. Fast specialized index for point clouds in LAS / LAZ files. Many enhancements in dataports. Many new query functions. Numerous performance improvements.

See details in the announcement post and more details in the documentation.

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