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New update for Release 9: 9.0.172.

Projecting images: new option to specify interpolation type (nearest neighbor / bilinear / bicubic), new projection method for better quality (direct sub-pixel). GPGPU: support for all devices starting with compute capability 2.0 (Fermi), installs include multiple versions of GPGPU modules with the best version suitable for the device selected at runtime. Join: a new tool to easily transfer data between components in 5 different scenarios - table to table, drawing to drawing, drawing to image, image to drawing, image to image, allows creating new fields or channels during the transfer, saves the join operation into an update query so that it can be repeated, eg, to pick up changes to the data. Queries and transforms: about 50 new query functions, extensions to vector transforms to support 2d curves, new vector transforms to reverse lines, place sequences of points onto lines, etc. Dataports: faster PBF, more variants of geometry data and external links in KML / KMZ, built-in implementation of SQLite to allow accessing SQLite / GPKG data without any external DLLs.

See details in the announcement post and more details in the documentation.

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