Manifold - official web site

Manifold User Manual - online documentation

Manipedia - Manifold encyclopedia maintained by Patrick Weber

Manifold-L - Manifold mailing list hosted by Directions Magazine

Source Code

Script examples (ZIP) - MAP files with script components

Web site examples (ZIP) - complete web sites


Associated Engineering Ltd. (St. Catharines office) - Manifold training and more

DIGITERRA Systemhaus - GeoCockpit MapServer, Manifold GIS add-ins and related services

DRAHOLA Technologies, Inc. - GeoCockpit MapServer, Manifold GIS add-ins and related services

Distributed Geospatial Solutions - AtlasAlive! geo-hosting framework and more

Dynamic Maps - templates for Manifold IMS and related services

GIS Advisor - Manifold training videos and more

Threads of Note

FAQ - Manifold System - getting updates, getting training

FAQ - General - forum etiquette, reporting bugs and suggesting features

FAQ - Scripting - using object model

FAQ - Forum - using post editor, attaching files, getting mentioned on the Links page or on the home page, etc

Very New GIS User - why choose Manifold? how to start?

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