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#18-Jul-15 03:31

These instructions apply to Manifold 8.0.29 and IronPython 2.7.5, superceding earlier instructions on the forum.

Get the current IronPython installer (not binaries) from here:

Close Manifold.

Run IronPython-2.7.5.msi. Confirm the default options, and confirm allowing it to make changes when it asks.

Relaunch Manifold.

Create a new script, specifying IronPython as the language.

Uncheck the option to add references for standard .NET modules.

Open the script, then the Script > Reference dialog. There should be no modules listed.

Click the button to add a new reference. Navigate to IronPython.dll:

By default IronPython.dll is installed to \Program Files (x86)\IronPython for 64-bit Windows, or to C:\Program Files\IronPython for 32-bit Windows. If file extensions are hidden you may need to enable them in Windows Explorer options.

Run the script. You should get the Hello World message. (If not, re-read the above.)

Now the IronPython dlls have been automatically added to the .NET GAC (global assembly cache).

(You can see the compiled assemblies in \Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL\IronPython and \Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL\IronPython.Modules.)

In future, new IronPython scripts do not need an explicit reference to IronPython.dll. Manifold will find the assemblies in the GAC.

For each new IronPython script, set the language to IronPython, and always uncheck the option to add references for standard .NET modules. (You can add any necessary references inside the script itself.)

You can add an explicit reference to IronPython.dll for new scripts, but don't need to.


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#18-Jul-15 07:14

Thanks very much for posting this Tim. It is great to have a definitive series of steps to get IP working. D

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#20-Jul-15 21:25

Great. Thanks for these. I have finally got IronPython working on my work machine. My Problem seemed to be that I was still on 8.0.28. Once I updated to 8.0.29 everything worked.

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#20-Jul-15 21:49

Thanks Dan. I hadn't thought of it but that makes perfect sense since both Manifold 8.0.29 (the .NET parts) and IronPython 2.7.x are compiled for and require .NET framework 4.x (not 3.x like Manifold 8.0.28).


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#18-Jul-15 07:50

What about IronPython add-ins?

They don't need an explicit reference to IronPython.dll either, provided that an IronPython script has already been run so as to add IronPython to the GAC.


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#18-Jul-15 07:52

If anyone has contrary experience, especially installing IronPython in an environment where they are not an administrative user, it would be great to see the details here.


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#20-Jul-15 00:27

Thanks Tim for the easy to follow steps.

Just tried, and it all works like a treat. Don't think I'll be letting go of my c# blanket just yet though!

James Kelly


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#04-Aug-15 07:33

some more python tools in visual studio for those interested is:

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#13-Aug-16 02:51

I was pleased to notice recently that IronPython development has been given new momentum, after a change in project leadership (July 2016).

Not that there is anything wrong with IronPython 2.7.5 (released December 2014). But already the pace of new commits is hugely increased (GitHub).

There seems to be renewed enthusiasm to find a way to support NumPy, and to move to Python 3.

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