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Home - General / All posts - list saved views alphabetically instead of chronologically?
triple3earth3 post(s)
#21-Aug-15 20:56

the map print files that I have created are listed alphabetically. the views that I have created are listed chronologically.

is there a way to change how my views are shown from chronological to alphabetical?

8,002 post(s)
#22-Aug-15 07:50

Yes definitely.

Could you take the trouble to request this as a built-in feature for future versions? That would be a worthwhile thing. Just describe what you want, briefly, and send it in to

In the meantime, I'm revising the add-in code here to do what you suggest. It's an obvious improvement to have a choice of how views should be sorted. I'll let you know when it's done. You'll need IronPython.

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