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gul6 post(s)
#28-Oct-15 01:03

Hi All,

Can any one guide me to make a Gradiant map of Canada/USA by using gradiant techniques. I tried a lot but not successfull.


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#28-Oct-15 01:51

You will probably need to put much more into your question if you want a useful answer.

There is good advice here (you have not replied there yet) and here.

Beyond that, at the very least try to say what you are starting with (what objectives, and what data--always consider posting sample data to get people started--and what form it is in, for example drawing, image, surface using Manifold terminology). Expand on any specialized terms--don't assume that everyone else will understand what you mean. (For example, I don't understand what you mean by "gradient map techniques". I can guess, but it depends on what you want to do and what you have to work with.) And beside sample data, always think of attaching a picture as part of the explanation. (It can be a really terrible picture and still say a lot.)

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#28-Oct-15 02:07

Hi Gul, What is it you are trying to do? Are you trying to change isotherm contour lines to a continuous gradient of colour across the map? If so you can copy and past the lines as a surface. Use the Transform toolbar to segment the lines into more data density if you need it to make the surface follow the original lines more closely.


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#28-Oct-15 08:46

Can any one guide me to make a Gradiant map of Canada/USA by using gradiant techniques.


I get the impression from your two posts to date that you would find it helpful to read the user manual. It is at Read it using the advice in the "Read Me First" topic.

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#28-Oct-15 10:28

Turns out I should have RTFM. Thanks Dimitri.

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