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Namib pollen2 post(s)
#14-Mar-16 14:10

Hello all,

I have some problem with my manifold file. The file was crush during saving process. Then when I try to reopen my file, I can't do it with the notification:"Can't set position file".

how can I rescue my file back?

Thank so much in advance for your help.

Gustavo Palminha

1,010 post(s)
#14-Mar-16 16:43

Everything points to a corrupted file.

You can take a look search for a couple of posts where that was reported and probably find some hints that can help you recover the file. For example, take a look at,

Additionally you can send it to tech and use a support token to see if they can restore some of its information.

Good luck.

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Namib pollen2 post(s)
#15-Mar-16 19:33

Thank Gustavo Palminha, I tried with the solutions from that link but it doesn't work.

Anyways, thank so much for answer

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