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anajera124 post(s)
#08-Sep-16 20:46


I have a drawing from which I want to extract objects that meet a certain criteria into a new drawing. I am looking at something like the SELECT INTO statement but applied to drawings instead of tables , someting like

SELECT * INTO [New Drawing] from [Drawing] WHERE [Column] ="Criteria"

Considering the Drawing has 2 columns Label and Class, I have also tried to first create the new drawing with

CREATE DRAWING New Drawing ([Label] VARCHAR),([Class] VARCHAR)

and then insert the data into the New Drawing table like this

INSERT INTO [New Drawing] SELECT [ID],[Label], [Class] FROM [Drawing] WHERE [Class] ="Criteria"

but does not work with an error message "Different number of columns SELECT".

Thanks in advance for your help

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anajera124 post(s)
#09-Sep-16 02:06

Hi all

I found this post that had the answer I was looking for


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#09-Sep-16 06:56

Sorry you didn't get a decent answer in time. Well done anyway.

The principle is that INSERT INTO usually requires that you specify a list of target columns, matching the SELECT list in number and types.

Manifold 8 is forgiving. If the target columns and SELECT columns match, you can omit the target columns.

But that's not best. Normally match target columns to source.

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