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#02-Feb-17 02:45

Hi everyone!

Is there any existing scripts that automate the lay-outing? For example, I have a single drawing with multiple polygon for instance 10 polygons. I want to create a lay-out of each polygon automatically with the same lay-out.

If possible, can someone post that script that does that for my reference? Thanks in advance!

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#02-Feb-17 05:51

i think KlausDE's plotmanager may help.

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#16-Feb-17 04:01

Hi there rk! Thanks for the link. I'll study it. Thanks Again..

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#16-Feb-17 04:17

Hey man rk! I have read the the contents of the link you gave me.. It is the one that I am looking for. Thanks!


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#16-Feb-17 16:39

The attached project may help too. Open in 32-bit mode.


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#20-Feb-17 08:32

hey firsttube, thanks for the comprehensive tutorial. Now, i understand much better. Thank you soo much!

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