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#15-Feb-17 16:59

Hi all,

I have always found ways NOT to create my own super-awsome Manifold add-in. When I have tried to create one for practice, there are often some silly noob mistake in addin xml or wherever that ruins the experience. So I created a Visual Studio template for Manifold add-ins that contains all the necessary files and an install_MyAddin.bat file that puts them in right place. I have used samples from other forum members to get started and I'm grateful.

The template is available here on GitHub.

from README:

What's it for?

This template gets you started with Manifold GIS Add-Ins. It helps you to avoid many common mistakes along the way.

Quick Usage

1. Download zip [link] and put it into your Visual Studio Project Templates directory %userprofile%\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Templates\ProjectTemplates

2. Unblock the zip file.

3. Create a new project in Visual Studio with this new template that should appear under Visual C#. Pick a name for your add-in and click OK.

4. After successful project creation you can build the project without modifying anything.

5. Browse to projectdirectory\bin\Debug directory. Run install_projectname.bat. It copies required files into Manifold's Config directory. NB! You have to have permission to modify Config directory.

6. Start a fresh Manifold. Go to Tools->Add-Ins. Your add-in shuld be listed there. Click on the name.

7. A new pane with silly text and projectname should appear.

8. If problem occurs, let me know.

Read The Fine Manual for more information about Manifold Add-Ins!

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