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klausk112 post(s)
#17-Feb-17 09:06

I try to run a query in Radian with VB-Script, but it doesn't work. Radian tells me, that object Manifold.Application.ActiveDocument.ComponentSet did not have the property/method

code' VBScript

Sub Main

 Set CompSet = Manifold.Application.ActiveDocument.ComponentSet

 Set qryEP = CompSet.Item("myQry")


End Subcode


7,901 post(s)
#17-Feb-17 09:27

Radian has a different object model, Manifold 8 scripts are not going to work in Radian (and vice versa).

You can currently browse the Radian object model by opening EXTNET.DLL in the Object Browser in Visual Studio (2015 / 2017, earlier versions might work as well, see attached screenshot) or in a similar tool. The documentation is being prepared and will appear soon.


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