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CuDomagoj70 post(s)
#01-Mar-17 08:33

I am try to make some integration between Manifold and Tableau BI. From Manifold i have Radian Studio + Manifold Universal x64 v8.

Idea is to make some calculation in Point data based on area features.

I want to apply the change in topology to points within these polygons.

Polygons we represent Zone If you change the size and shape of the zone, automatically be performed the following operations: - Priomijeniti shape and size of the contact with that which changes - After changing the zone, should make update fields ZonaID Point feature (find and which Zone is point after changing feature Area Zone) - Make new calculation and based Point feature of new Oneida (Oneida is a very important parameter, and it changes the amount of computing operation whose result should be entered in the field in the Point feature)

After that Tableau must read data and vizualize this.

It will be nice if there are chances that i can show that live....



8,242 post(s)
#01-Mar-17 09:30

The screen shows areas and points. From what I understand you are changing the areas in some way and after that you want each point to know what area it is now in. That can be done using an UPDATE query - either in Radian or in Manifold 8, post a MAP file with example data and someone will likely post the exact syntax.

I am a bit stuck regarding what you want to do next - you mention a parameter named 'Oneida' but not how it should be used.

Need clarification on how live you want this to be as well (what is the ideal workflow?).

CuDomagoj70 post(s)
#01-Mar-17 10:29

I didn't see mistake "OneID" it must be ZoneID it is

Here is Relationship.


1. Changing geometry for Area Fieature (Zone)

2. Update Point feature with new ZoneID

3. New calculation for CalcField

There are 5 coefficients with which I have to multiply the field in the table Point, and they depend on ZonaID. CalcField = (Area_sqm * Zone +Area_sqm*Namjena + Area_sqm*Stanje + Area_sqm *Korektivni_Koef1 + Area_sqm*KorektivniKoef + Area_sqm * Dob

I want to avoid that every time when changing the shape or surface feature Area Zone need to manually trigger the update.I want to make update ispom step in Pomnt feature and new calculation based on a formula.



5,106 post(s)
#01-Mar-17 11:12

What does Tableau have to do with the workflow?


8,242 post(s)
#01-Mar-17 11:17

You can update all values after changing the geometry of the areas by running a query or two.

This will take each point, find an area that contains it (if there are several, take the first one) and put the ID of that area into point data (tested on model tables, I assume Point and Zona are drawings in Manifold 8):


UPDATE [Point] SET [Zona] = COALESCE((

  SELECT First([Zona].[ZonaID]FROM [Zona]

  WHERE Contains([Zona].[ID][Point].[ID])

), -1)

After that, this query will recompute CalcField for each point (tested on model tables again, I only included one more table, you have to join in the others similarly, I also assume the formula you gave used coefficients from each table, not IDs):



SELECT p.ID, p.Area_sqm, p.CalcField,



FROM ([Point] AS p

  INNER JOIN [Zona] AS a ON p.Zona=a.ZonaID)

  INNER JOIN [Namjena] AS n ON p.Namjena=n.NamjenaID

SET CalcField = Area_sqm * KoefZona + Area_sqm * NamjenaKoef

So, the process is - open the MAP file with all drawings and tables in Manifold 8, change the geometry of the areas, launch two queries one after the other to recompute values in points.

You can run the queries in sequence in one click using a script.

Hope this helps (at least a bit).

CuDomagoj70 post(s)
#17-Mar-17 14:52

It works only if i have Table in Manifold, but if i must update which is Linked in MS SQL Server, then i am not able to make update.


8,242 post(s)
#17-Mar-17 15:25

If it works in general, except you want some of the tables to be on SQL Server - then use Radian, make sure the query works there, then link the SQL Server database to Radian, and alter the names of the tables that are on SQL Server in the query text to include the data source name for SQL Server (if the data source for SQL Server is named 'sql' and the 'Point' table should be on that data source, change '[Point]' in the query to '[sql]::[Point]'). That's it.

It would help if you posted a MAP file with example data and told specifically which table should be where.

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