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Mike Pelletier

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#08-Mar-17 19:38

Is there a way to convert a large image currently in Radian to a palette image either upon export or prior to exporting? I want to shrink the size of the file for use in mfd 8. Thanks.


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#09-Mar-17 07:52

Not yet.

If the concern is about size, you could try exporting to ECW - ECW export in Radian puts no limits onto image size, same as in Manifold 8.

Mike Pelletier

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#10-Mar-17 16:04

Thanks Adam, that does work and Mfd 8 didn't take too long to convert it to a palette.

As you work on improving the clipping an image process in RS, be sure and check what happens on the export of the result. When I followed Tim's process here, the export to ecw included the clipped areas as black pixels.

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#10-Mar-17 19:55

Mike, I'm pretty sure the surrounding black pixels are due to the Rect property of the clipped image not being set to extent of the clipped content (tiles).

If we reset the Rect manually to the new extent, I expect there will be no black margin.

Mike Pelletier

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#10-Mar-17 20:05

I'm sure that's it Tim. That was a pretty useless suggestion as I'm sure the new method Mfd is working on will reset the Rect.

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