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CuDomagoj67 post(s)
#16-Mar-17 15:06

I have a lot of SHP files with same Structure, but this structure is not good for workflow which i must follow now.

I must export all data from SHP files to existing MS_SQL database, but i must mapping same fields, and add some other values to some other fields.

What is best scenario to do that?

Can i make update on linked table/geometry in MS SQL?


7,903 post(s)
#17-Mar-17 06:30

Are you using Manifold 8 or Radian?

You can absolutely read SHP files and write the resulting data to SQL Server using either, although the procedure is going to be slightly different. (For example, in Radian you can copy / paste multiple tables at once from the Project pane.)

You are talking about having to restructure data in some way in between - if the restructuring is more or less the same for every file, you can do it using a query. You can have a query alter multiple tables using a script.

You can update values in a SQL Server table, including geometry values, in either Manifold 8 or Radian as well.

CuDomagoj67 post(s)
#17-Mar-17 14:40

I have try, but there are some problems.

I have import SHP files, and then Link to MS SQL Table where i must export data. Table in MS SQL is always empty, but i am not able to update datata.

I am using:

update [TABLE1]

select * from

set [TABLE1].[User]='01',

[TABLE1].[NAS_MB] = [NA Drawing].[NA_MB] ,

[TABLE1].[Name] = [NA Drawing].[NA_IME] ,

[TABLE1].[ogr_fid] = [NA Drawing].[ID],

[TABLE1].[Operator] ='NA',


where ( [NA Drawing].[NA_MB] is not null);

TABLE1 - Linked table which exist in MS SQL, and i must USE it.

[NA Drawing] - SHP file which i have import

What is the best way, Why ist this problem with Update? Can i do that with INSERT?


7,903 post(s)
#17-Mar-17 15:18

The query, as written, is invalid. It looks like you want to carry over the values from [NA Drawing] to matching records in [TABLE1], but I am not sure how the records should be matched (a common field? which one? a MAP file with example data would help).

Why not just copy the table to the SQL Server database? It also looks like you are using Manifold 8 - if so, you can export the imported SHP drawing to SQL Server by using File - Export - Drawing, Data Sources. If you are using Radian, it is even easier - just link the SQL Server database, then copy and paste the table (or just import to it directly).

CuDomagoj67 post(s)
#23-Mar-17 07:41

I have Radian and Manifold 8.

Why i am not copy? There is a problem. I must use customer existing database. The field names and Table names are not he same. For this reason i must mapping the fields from destination to target.

For this reason i need help.


6,170 post(s)
#23-Mar-17 10:42

You nevertheless can use copy/paste because Mfd8 offers a dialog to choose the fields in the target table.

CuDomagoj67 post(s)
#28-Mar-17 10:44

No i am not able to us it (or i don't know how on right way....

CuDomagoj67 post(s)
#28-Mar-17 12:01

Here is How i try to make update tabel

where is problem?


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