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#17-Mar-17 16:09

My question is going to ask is what can I do to reduce my file size or keep it from growing so quickly.

I've been working with the same county files for a couple years now. Today when I did my typical lunchtime Save As..., the file size was 450,000 KB. I checked the size from a year ago and it was 256,000 KB. The number of parcels is the same. Generally what I do is combine parcels and split parcels when there is a property sale. Field notes for the changes are imported using the Plot Traverse Add-in, so there are almost 5,000 lines and points in that drawing. In addition there are special projects where neighborhood parcels are collected into new drawings to make maps for my coworkers. In the background I have Google Earth caching imagery tiles.

I'm thinking one approach is to break out the special projects into new .map files and delete them from this main file where everything lives now. Are there other ways to make the file smaller? Or is there any reason to make the file smaller? It takes about 20 minutes to do a Save As save.

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#17-Mar-17 18:35

As new information comes in, I feel the need to share. I just realized that every week I import our office database to Manifold. All those legacy databases are sitting here collecting pixel dust. I deleted the tables prior to this year and the file size dropped back to 250,000 kb and saving time dropped back to 9 minutes. So, nice chatting with myself here. Maybe this will help someone else to diagnose a file growth issue in Manifold.


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#18-Mar-17 08:32

Glad the issue is resolved. :-)

One thing that might be of interest - you might try turning off compression for MAP files. The file sizes will be larger, but the time to save and open will be smaller. The option is: Tools - Options, Miscellaneous, Compress .map files to save space (turned on by default).

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