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#15-Jun-17 18:08

I can successfully import an Excel file into Manifold running in 32-bit mode on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. When I try to import the same file into Manifold running in 32-bit mode on Windows Server 2008 64-bit SP2 I get an error :

"Can't Establish connection to data source: error binding to data source." and then "Unknown error"

Is this something that was fixed in ?

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#15-Jun-17 20:11

Is this something that was fixed in ?

The release notes for 8.0.30 are in the announcement - anything that was fixed would be in there. I don't see anything in there related to what you describe... perhaps you could take a look and double-check in case I missed something.

It's also wise to consider that anomalies like you mention rarely are about something that needs to be fixed in the product, especially something as proven as 8. It's usually something else having to do with operational matters, like somebody else using the file, a lock of some kind by a process, permissions, etc. I'd start with a very detailed look in those areas first. Might help to use the exact same setup on the same computers, etc., to narrow down possibilities, as the one thing you know about comparing results on two different systems is that the two systems are different.


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#16-Jun-17 07:03

Is this something that was fixed in ?

I re-checked and I don't see any related changed between 8.0.29 and 8.0.30 for that.

(I'd still try to use 8.0.30 over 8.0.29 given a chance, but in terms of why the second machine fails to connect while the first succeeds, I'd look elsewhere.)

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#27-Jun-17 06:11

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else is getting the same error message as the original poster when attempting to import a table from Excel in Mfd 8.0.30?

I have 32 and 64 bit versions of 8.0.30 running on the same machine, but while the 32 bit version imports fine, the 64 bit version errors out with the same message as the original poster received. I've tried several types of Excel file (97 and 2007) but each results in the same error in 64 bit Mfd.

My question is - given the import works okay in Mfd 32 bit, is the error in 64 bit Mfd running on the same machine likely to be permissions or process related?

Any help appreciated.



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#27-Jun-17 06:20

Hi Sean, have a look in the help searching for 'jet'. In the topic '32-bit and 64-bit Manifold Editions', scroll down to the section 'Limitations of 64-bit Editions' and you will find the answer.

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ranger.sean79 post(s)
#27-Jun-17 08:14

Thanks Dan - that appears to cover it off perfectly.



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#16-Aug-17 09:03

In Radian Studio 64bit, i'm not able to Import a xlsx-File.

I can link it, but if i clicked on the linked table nothing happens...?

As a data source don't work, too.

All the same with a xls-File.

Open the file in Excel save as DBase IV, Radian Import the file but only 2 rows of 20.

My Experience with database:

i make a data source to my SQLServer 2014, all fine but if i look at the linked tables there are not all rows.

In Manifold 8 no Problems with this ?


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#16-Aug-17 09:16

Can Manifold 8 open XLS / XLSX file? If so, is the instance of Manifold 8 that can do this 32-bit or 64-bit?

If a 64-bit version of Manifold 8 can open XLS / XLSX, but a 64-bit version of Radian cannot, we need to look at the file. Either post it here, or contact tech support. (If the issue happens with any file, just create a model file with a couple of values, make sure it can be used to reproduce the issue and post it.)

Thanks for the report.


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#16-Aug-17 09:39

Manifold 8 can open the xls-File in 32bit in 64bit "can't establish Connection to data source..."

But what is withe the dbf-import in Radian and the SqlServer data source ?


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#16-Aug-17 09:45

If Manifold 8 can open the XLS file in 32-bit, try 32-bit Radian as well. If the 32-bit Radian cannot open the file, then that's an issue, otherwise (if 32-bit Radian can open the file, but 64-bit cannot) it is probably just that you don't have the 64-bit Access Database Engine installed.

We need more details regarding DBF and SQL Server.

DBF: Could you post the DBF file that contains more than 2 rows but imports in Radian as only 2? If the data is confidential, contact tech support.

SQL Server: What specifically happens? You are connecting to SQL Server in Radian, open one of the tables and only get a couple of rows, but not all of them, correct? If so, is the table stored on SQL Server or is it some special table, like a view or, say, an ODBC fallthrough? What indexes does Radian detect (what's in the schema dialog)? Do you get all records if you try copying this table using SELECT INTO to a table in a MAP file (SELECT * INTO [tablecopy] FROM [sqlserver]::[table])?


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#06-Dec-17 13:06

as i describe in my post from 16. August it's still the same problem in the actual Future .11:

if i do a database connection to SQLServer there are not all rows of my database table.

Have a look at the attachement...

database connection in Manifold Future.doc


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#06-Dec-17 13:45

The fields look wildly different. It seems to me that Manifold 8 and Future are showing different tables - whose fields are the correct ones?

Does the difference disappear if you copy the table with a name with English-only letters?

In any case, could you make a backup of the database and upload it somewhere?


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#06-Dec-17 15:43

Manifold 8 shows the correct tables with all rows.

Does the difference disappear if you copy the table with a name with English-only letters?

-> i will give a try

In any case, could you make a backup of the database and upload it somewhere?

-> i do a backup and copy it to my Dropbox

Should i post the link to Manifold Tech ?


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#06-Dec-17 15:49

Yes, post the link to tech support, please. We don't need all records, you can delete all but a couple in each table (and you can delete all tables except those necessary to exhibit the issue) to save time uploading / reduce the impact in terms of sharing potentially sensitive data.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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#13-Dec-17 16:45

This should work correctly in

The fix was a pretty big change, but that's semantics, we agree that Unicode names for database objects are important (it is just unfortunate that supporting them requires doing pretty different things for different databases).

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#15-Oct-17 15:47

This is a bit mysterious. I know a could import XLS and XSLX-files in Mfd8 but in I can't any longer in 32 bit mode and 64 bit mode. The error reported is "can't establish Connection to data source...". No machine with 30.0 at hand in this moment.

On the same machine MF 163.5 doesn't import this very simple files neighter in 32 bit nor in 64 bit mode and quits import without error message.

Could this be a side effect of an update of the operation system? Running MS Office 2013 on this machine.



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#15-Oct-17 16:15

I launched Manifold Future from the Bin folder (32 bit) and both imported fine for me.


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#15-Oct-17 18:40

I avoided dates and floats so that regional settings might no interfere. I'll check more machines and ancillary conditions.

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#19-Oct-17 20:30

Hi. I have these same issue with Mf8 30 and with MF163.5. My xls has dates and some regional settings, which I need. It gives the error mentioned above, same as KalusDE. Cant connect... and also a message box with Unknown error.

I solved it, changing the format from XLSX, into CSV and import went perfectly. Just to let you know.

Best regards.

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#19-Oct-17 20:58

What's the regional settings of your machine? OS version 10, 8 or 7? There must be some special marginal condition.

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#19-Oct-17 22:01

Could this be a side effect of an update of the operation system?

Probably yes. KB4041676

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#23-Oct-17 16:13

BTW same effect with Mfd 8.0.30. on a german Win7_Prof 64x

I have solved the issue for Mfd_x64 by installing the AccessDatabaseEngine_X64 following the workaround published for rk's link.

I can't use this workaround for x86, because that would break my existing MS Office x86 installation.

WernerDE4 post(s)
#23-Oct-17 16:45

Deinstallation and hiding KB4041681 solved the issue for me with Mfd 8 on a german Win7_Prof 64x. Works with Mfd_x32. Hoping that MS will fix this problem with JET in the next update.

fishmap48 post(s)
#23-Oct-17 23:27

Its an issue exporting as well. had a couple clients complain to me about it...I just told them to export a csv for now

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