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#08-Aug-17 22:21

I see from the website that Radian documentation is online. However, I have a 14 hour flight to Korea coming up this weekend, and was wondering if there is a .pdf of the user manual floating around anywhere. The old ones from the beta are too out-of-date, and I don't have wifi on the plane.


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#08-Aug-17 22:44


--HTTRack if nothing available but chm is the best with search enable inside open page !!!

--calibre software or github HTML to epub3 for epub document could be better than pdf !!!

--there also tool for iphone perhaps android that let you browser offline website ( offline pages pro )

--dotEPUB since in 2017 all goes to webservice !!!

for WAI RGAA ARIA : epub is better than pdf ! ( ..... ll not say more ....about adobe !!! )

perhaps frame and frameset can block process to epub ( not epub -> pdf using pdf printer driver foxit )

i like also DAISY .......

The Help in radian Studio goes to the official manifold web site ??? why not the web Documentation or a chm file ?


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#08-Aug-17 23:22

+1 for HTTrack.

+1 for still missing CHM manuals, mainly because of the easy search.


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#09-Aug-17 00:13

Timely. I was just trying to search the manual for bigtiff exports without much luck to do some reading prior to posting if I still cant export large grids to tif/bigtiff successfully.

Definitely a +1 for CHM manuals.

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#09-Aug-17 01:59

httrack is call C:\Program Files\WinHTTrack\webhttrack.exe

The logic of robohelp is to create a whole index for each chapter directory with 2 name ( whlsttx.html close / gui real name Open chapter) . So we have until now 36 html page that contain each open chapter index ( with others closes chapters) . Each 36 index has links to the html files articles that open to the right side of the frame . When save page that are inside frameset ....the web page file name in frameset has the name or title name of the main page that contain the frameset. So a bit tricky and don't know if Winhttrack ll succeed to back up all documentation . Perhaps then This DownlloadthemAll in firefox can be usefull on 36 index page and then use Dreamweaver for batch change 2 path and frontpage to create a map of links and also recreate a new index html page .

Go often to the radian documention and like it more and more !!!!

I read sometime ESRI documentaion so .. best is use both for me !

+1 chm API

+1 chm manual

+2 Ctr F in the active chm page

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#09-Aug-17 04:34

By my second +1 I didn't mean to suggest that CHM manuals are missing--rather that I miss them.

And because of the rapid (more or less live) evolution of the online docs, I tend to agree with the thinking that it is best not to have CHM manuals for now, assuming they would be compiled relatively infrequently. ("I searched the manual and it's definitely not there". Not always helpful to search a slightly stale snapshot.)

Maybe CHM can come back later, but for now it might be more useful if the search function for the online help could be made more usable.

It is easy enough to use syntax like

dolmen site:

in a search engine.

(That doesn't help with offline reading, though other things do, with effort.)


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#09-Aug-17 09:02

Maybe CHM can come back later,

Agree 100%. As you noted, it's more the rapid evolution of the product, which forces rapid evolution of the doc. CHM will surely come back in some way once the tempo slows down a bit.


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#09-Aug-17 09:36

... and an F1-jump directy to the highligthed SQL- or API-keyword and not to the directory list of reserved words - perhaps using googles the site: option.

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#10-Aug-17 01:02

thanks so much for the great tip search url dolmen site:


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#10-Aug-17 19:39

AS always Google like Manifold have great documentation , .....Fine Manual

google main search doc =>

google reserved word "site:" =>

One day google ask during search if i was a home or professionnal user since most of my search are technical ( math physic geometry ) !!! so use mainly dudckduck and avoid free google "alphabet" android software ( not OS ) but difficult ( try to avoid ..when possible) .

about documentation better to have one ( not update ...) than nothing !!!

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