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#10-Aug-17 07:55

I often need to Select None and miss not having a Ctrl key for that. Here's a quick trick that I now use:

Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-I

Do it a few times and it becomes automatic and very quick. :-)


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#10-Aug-17 20:42

I ll expect Ctr-A Ctr-A ll do the same : since all is atready selected windows could understand that repeat the Ctr A twice mean don't select All since All is already selected so..... select none .

Hope or not ( read after ) that Manifold finally would have more shortkey than photoshop .

Time is money and if you are a professionnal a requirement for photoshop is that you know all ( or common ) the short key combinations for each layer type and tool associate to layers objects ( fuzzy logic ) . See the big list here ! Photoshop is the only tool i know that support a menu call select . In the capture Screen Ctr D mean Not Delete but Deselect ..... and select inverse is Shift Ctrl I .

I like the new shortkey letter when draw inside radian ( arc ... elipse S L ...)

Thank's for the trick !!


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#10-Aug-17 22:14

What I miss is a shortcut to unselect everything across all layers of a map or even better a .map file.

See, some maps (within a .map file) may have 30 or 40 components and I sometimes have selected things on several to work on them so they turn red (as selected). It is a hassle to look around for the specific layers (drawing, images, surface) to un select them to be able to display the map properly.


How soon?

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#10-Aug-17 22:30

As soon as you left-click select one object in any drawing, it deselects all the selected objects in other drawings. Then you can unselect the new object you selected.

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