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#10-Aug-17 22:27

Is it possible to create contour lines beginning with 20 million LiDAR points using Manifold Viewer? I am thinking I would have to wait until I have Radian Studio to export the points and create the contours in Manifold 8.

It looks like I will ultimately have about 40 billion ground level LiDAR points for my county, but I'm taking this one tile at a time.


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#11-Aug-17 06:25

Not yet. We will add contouring to Radian / Viewer, of course. For now, use Manifold 8.

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#11-Aug-17 14:08

Thanks. I can stop trying to figure it out then. On to another project.


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#13-Aug-17 23:35


Each new post are really a way to learn new thing :

Does surface tool in Manifold 8 must be install to do this easely ?

Does script/SQL in manifold v8 can be use to have contour .....with more work ?


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#14-Aug-17 06:33

Does surface toolin Manifold 8 must be install to do this easely

No. Contours are part of every Release 8 license, including Personal Edition. See the Contours topic.

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