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#13-Aug-17 14:15

in radian i test SQL on table of name [Lines] with 2 column [Geom] (geom type) and [WKT] (varchar type)

1) with double quote " " it return Invalid object reference.


INSERT INTO [Lines]([Geom],[WKT]VALUES  ( GeomMakePoint(VectorMakeX2(50, 60)),"POINT(50 60)");

2) with single quote ' ' => it return 1


INSERT INTO [Lines]([Geom],[WKT]VALUES  ( GeomMakePoint(VectorMakeX2(50, 60)),'POINT(50 60)'); 

Strange is it the normal behaviour inside radian for quote and double quote

Strange the formated color in the website show no error if we expect syntax color to show us error syntax

3) Does all query that return no value return boolean type value ?

--valid query without return value return boolean type value => "1"

--valid query with return value return component ( only table ? )

--invalid query not equal to "1" must return I think "Invalid object reference"

4) I don't remenber the name of the SQL function ( tahnk's to remind it ) but can we still use this function available in manifold v8 inside radian for create point using the WKT string representation value POINT(50 60)

I ll search in radian doc ....the note are very important for vectorMakeX4


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#13-Aug-17 14:26

1/2 - In Radian SQL, strings are enclosed in single quotes.

3 - Action queries typically return the number of affected records.

4 - To convert WKT to a geom, use StringWktGeom. (Just type 'wkt' in the query builder filter, it will show you the functions with 'wkt' in the name.)

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