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#13-Aug-17 15:32

in the radian doc at sql_functions.htm for GeomMakeSegment have one signature ( don't know if it is the right word)

GeomMakeSegment(<valuex2>, <valuex2>) : <geom>

GeomMakeSegment3(<valuex3>, <valuex3>) : <geom>

Could we have

GeomMakeSegment(<valuex4>) : <geom>

So instead using

INSERT INTO [Lines] ([Geom]) VALUES (GeomMakeSegment(VectorMakeX2(0, 130),VectorMakeX2(0, 130)));

We can use

INSERT INTO [Lines] ([Geom]) VALUES (GeomMakeSegment(VectorMakeX4(0, 130, 0, 130)));

in a way this signature work but not explicit in the documentation !!

Perhaps by default for all argument in SQL query <valuex2>, <valuex2> is same than <valuex4>. I think manifold is matrix/vector base so must be true .... Ca nsomeone can confirm this ?


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#15-Aug-17 06:23

Yes, this is a good idea.

We won't have GeomMakeSegment3(x6) because we don't have x6, but that's fine. Being able to represent a segment as a single fixed-size value is useful.

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