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#17-Aug-17 17:28

1) Since sometimes Microsoft has strange behaviour . After read in the Radian Documentation the install page what mean usingTHE administrator Login ! Does it mean it is the first default account whe ninstall the OS and not any other user that ll be create with the administrator right !! So that mean the primary admin user acocunt even has not standard but Administrtaor right ll not have the same administrator right that new user Administrtaor !!

2) During update i think since there is no other way to do to press "Run anyway" when Windows SmartScreen alert us about publisher . What is strange is that Microsoft OS d'ont find the Application publisher name.

3) After read the Drawing article in RAdian Studio I discover and test how radian can create/modify shape in drawing . ...But nothing

-to delete some part of the shape using windows object ( a windows for the shape we edit with coordinate )

-to continue shape drawing in the aim to add more branch or close the open shape

The 3) make me thing that radian could be the next manifold software but the recent post claim that radian ll stay to data /Rdbms and manifold new version ll be base on radian ! I think there no other way to go since have to 2 differents map content version is a non sense !!! Excited to discover which old functionnalities and new functionnalities ll be appear / diseppaear in Manifold and Radian. If Manifold is a superset of radian ....go to Manifold but i think manifold ll use a subset of radian ( core engine ) ...and ll focus on gui wizard tools ...

I don't understand why Radian Studio ll no have new update ( new fix new functionnalities ) !!! ... but perhaps i have miss read or understand !!


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#18-Aug-17 07:08

1 - Installation and activation need administrative rights. There are sometimes complex configurations where multiple user accounts are members of the Administrators group, yet they have different permissions and some have insufficient permissions to install or activate. We do not demand anything fancy, but sometimes it is the point to give a particular account permission to, say, reboot the machine / restart certain services, but not install anything, and some choose to create such semi-admin accounts in the Administrators group. Hence the suggestion to use the account named "Administrator" if there is any doubt. It has better chances to work statistically.

2 - Windows SmartScreen retrieves the publisher name from a digital signature. Our setup files do not contain such a signature. We might add it in the future. We are using digital signatures on the store, etc. If you want to be sure you are installing the correct modules that have been built on our machines and have not been tampered in any way, compute a SHA256 checksum and verify it against the one published on the web site.

3 - Manifold 9 is a superset of Radian Studio, not a side branch. The base Radian build for Manifold 9 is 9.0.163, the latest available.


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#18-Jun-18 01:19

I reinstall my OS from true image backup and need to re activate OS and many application and so radian ( since manifold 9 don't exist at the time of the backup) .

In this page for MF9 ( ) we can find the word sequence "true Administrator privileges" that implicit claim that there is false administrator privileges ? !! So i try a test refer to that

I am log under my daily user account account name with the name administrator ( i know it is bad to log to admin account but i am not professionnal ) and i test powershell using powershell ISE . As you can see in the capture after : it is not because you login in Microsoft acount with the name label administrator that you use the privilege ( right") of administrator . Why make thing so complicate Mr Microsoft ? I really think people do things after take time so i think explicit use administrator privilege if we are administrator have an explanation and should be usefull in some context but i really don't know which !!


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#18-Jun-18 08:22

There is a useful, top-level discussion in the Administrator Login page.


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#18-Jun-18 13:17

i read again the administrator page and ll give feedback . A non sense if you have alread activated the software , manifold should alert that the software is already activate and don't let us activate again !!!

-Manifold 9 could be install using the default daily user account . ni this case you must launch manifold using Run administrator.

- enter in command.exe the command line > net user ..... ll make appear in windows login a new user account name administrator if not available / viewable before

- even if manifold is activated you can always go to menu Help-> Activate

-Strange to see in the menu Help -> active extension ... i need to have a look to manifold product to see if there is for manifold 9 some extension that already exist for manifold 8 .

-even you are log in microsoft OS with the default administrator account ( that behave like administrator) you still have a way to launch application using " run as administrator) . A non sense !!!

-when installation and activation is succed , manifold don't show more explicit information like " your version is registered or activated for lionel ..." like some software do ( FLStudio) . IT seem MAnifold show a number with XXXXX at the end !! when go to Help ->About

- I really find cubersome that only manifold deal with administrator rights ? Does it mean all other software company implement thing not in the way thing should be implemented . The only problem i have with other software is when i need to reactivate software : some like bluegriffon let us remove the licence attach to already install software so we can use it , other like abbyfinereader don't give any explanation about activate licence with some IPC network issue or server unavailable alert !!!! I never take care of administrator privilege for all the software i buy and install ...only manifold !!



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#18-Jun-18 13:52

Remember Mfd8: If you want to upgrade your version - lets say from Professional to Administrator on that same machine you don't need to delete the installation. You just activate with the new key and all additional features are activates in the existing binaries. So there is a reason to be able to re-activate an installed version.


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#18-Jun-18 20:38


-I think ( to be confirm) that manifold let us consume serial number even all is already activated and OK !!!

- it seem we need admin right for have acces to system id value !!


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#18-Jun-18 14:09

Personally, I think there should not be a separate activation dialog but just have that part of Help - About. Viewer has a "buy now" button in the corner of the help about dialog, so in that spot 9 could have an "Activate" button if not yet activated or "Change Activation" button if already activated.

The usual case is that people can tell their license is activated because otherwise it would not run. If you can launch Manifold and use it, you know it is activated. That's a strong indicator. But I still think it would be cleaner and more compact to have activation as button in Help - About. Then you'd have your desired indicator there as well, given by the caption on the button.

Today, you can use the activation dialog to change the serial number in use. People did that with 8 so they could move serial numbers around, change the license level (personal to universal, for example) and so on. 9 only has one license tier, Universal, today, but that will change in the future as more elaborate editions come out and possibly "lite" editions come out. If people want to change the license installed on a machine they need a way to do that.

IT seem MAnifold show a number with XXXXX at the end !! when go to Help ->About

That is the serial number that was used for this installation. It is reported in "masked" form so people who use that machine other than the license holder cannot steal the SN. But the masked form is enough to assist record keeping for people who are using more than one serial number, so they can tell on which machine various licenses have been installed.

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#19-Jun-18 01:45

You might get in touch with Microsoft tech support and get them to help you make a new admin account on your computer if it's your own home computer, or get help your IT group to assist you with the installation. Once you have a new clean admin account insulation in windows 10 works fine. There are command line ways to create an admin account and when logged in with that account that will allow you to install manifold.

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