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#20-Aug-17 21:50

Here is the german ui for the "stable" build 9.0.163, that you can download from the download page on since August 2017.

Only very few changes. The install and deinstall dialogs are not localized.

All Cutting Edge builds have been stable for me. So whats the better name for this public version ? I really like to have this sort of a problem



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#21-Aug-17 00:05

Static? Milestone.


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#21-Aug-17 11:22



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#21-Aug-17 14:46

Still three and a half hours to go before the leading edge of totality sweeps ashore near Lincoln Beach, Oregon. There are brutal traffic jams already formed up, but clear, sunny weather in the Willamette Valley where the centerline sweeps through western Oregon.

Totality is brief, but the Sun is forever, hence the sunflower on today's banner...


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#29-Aug-17 06:59

The really bad traffic jams started about 15 minutes after totality had ended and lasted all day long. It took me seven hours to make a three hour drive home. And that was at 4pm when traffic had gotten better. There are only so many ways to cross the Cascades.

But it was absolutely worth it. :)


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#21-Aug-17 14:53

Out of curiosity, how many hours did it take to create the file?


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#21-Aug-17 22:45

How many hours? Hard to say. It was about five to two hours when it started with some hundreds or tenth of strings getting shorter with every new cutting edge. The last had about 4 or 5 new strings only.

Starting with a complete new project now might look daunting. But then you can ease the work with many replace all phrases.

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