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EGS Fishing3 post(s)
#10-Sep-17 17:27

I have drawings to KML and they are converting identically. For example, my drawing is a complicated area shape, and when converted and viewed in Google Maps or Earth, interior areas are filled in and not accurate.

Thoughts? Am I missing a step in the conversion or with my preparing my drawing for exporting?


EGS Fishing3 post(s)
#10-Sep-17 17:50

Sorry, they are not converting identically


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#10-Sep-17 19:48


Try running normalize topology on the dataset. Then export to KML. In my case, I typically reduce the complexity (# of vertexes and such) of the data if I want to share it using KML. Keep in mind that KML is in LatLong so Manifold reprojects drawings to export to KML if they are not in LatLong "projection"


How soon?

EGS Fishing3 post(s)
#10-Sep-17 21:30

Thanks for the reply I will look in to reducing the complexity. I've run the normalize topology and that didn't seem to fix it.

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#15-Sep-17 14:28

I export a KML file for my county every week. With Google Satellite imagery in Manifold the parcels are aligned with monuments visible on the ground (generally fences). When I export to KML everything is aligned in Google Earth just as it was in Manifold. The parcels happen to be projected in State Plane - Texas South Central, but I don't think that matters.


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#11-Sep-17 01:32

If you just want a boundary showing then in Manifold create a boundary of your area and export only that to KML.

Aussie Nature Shots


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#11-Sep-17 02:39

Adding to what Antonio Carlos and Colin have said, I wondered whether there might be multi-part areas in the source. If so, perhaps running Decompose on all objects before export might help? (Maybe this is already done implicitly, I don't know.)

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