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#11-Sep-17 13:59

There is a new video posted online using the new 163.3 build published this weekend. It starts with showing how to unzip and use a portable installation of Manifold Future. It goes on to a tour of using the new features in the Contents pane, working with Layers and layer opacity, the Records element to show record values, and how the new Favorites list makes it really fast to grab a favorite data source with one click or to add your own favorites to that list.

This is part one of an intended series on Manifold future, to be expanded in the days and weeks ahead as more and more GIS stuff appears in Future. It all applies to Future Viewer as well... you can even add new favorite data sources in Future Viewer and subsequent sessions will remember them.

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#11-Sep-17 18:11

I had not seen it elsewhere but the video explains that Manifold Future is the beta test program that is moving Radian Studio into Manifold System release 9. This is encouraging news. Speaking for at least myself, I appreciate seeing that progress is being made and not just hoping that progress is being made.


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#11-Sep-17 19:47

I had not seen it elsewhere

That's in the announcement of Manifold future. See the link at the top of the home page for the complete text of the announcement. See also the series of announcements for each Future build.

If you are a Radian licensee (should be, if interested in 9) you can run, and should be running, Future today.

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