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#12-Sep-17 10:20

So, just to confirm: 163.3 wants gdal201.dll and does not work with gdal202.dll, right?

Can I suggest that future builds support gdal202.dll?

I wanted to import SOSI files, but the plugin available via OSGeo4W Setup depends on gdal202.dll (checked with Dependency Walker).

With bin64\gdal201_x64\gdal201.dllI get

2017-09-12 11:53:08  -- Load library: D:\rdn\manifold-future-\bin64\gdal201_x64\gdal201.dll

2017-09-12 11:53:08 *** (root)::[Data Source] `Sosifile.sos' not recognized as a supported file format.

With bin64\gdal202_x64\gdal202.dllI get

2017-09-12 11:08:15  -- Manifold System Beta

2017-09-12 11:08:39 *** Failed to load library: gdal201.dll

I have not found older ogr_SOSI.dll.

I can use gdal/ogr2ogr to convert SOSI to GPKG. And I can wish that future builds support gdal202.dll :-)


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#12-Sep-17 11:41

What was the link you used to get gdal202.dll?

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#12-Sep-17 13:21

What was the link you used to get gdal202.dll?

OSGeo4W x64 Installer. I grab gdal and its dependencies from osgeo4w installation and copy them to \bin64. Same for 32bit.

Attached are dll lists and my manifold portable upgrade script. It is very convenient. I also get dlls for pg, mysql,sqlite/spatialite/gpkg.



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#13-Sep-17 01:54

There's a more comprehensive collection of builds here:

But OSGeo4W is by far the easiest way to go about it.


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#12-Sep-17 11:59

Yes, we want gdal201.dll. We are looking to add support for other flavors of GDAL. It's a bit unsettling that there are multiple live branches, but fine.


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#13-Sep-17 03:59

I can use gdal/ogr2ogr to convert SOSI to GPKG. And I can wish that future builds support gdal202.dll :-

If you don't mind, I'm very curious and would like to learn from your expertise with GDAL.

Is there any specific reason, that is, some new format it adds or a specific bug fix it provides, why you want gdal202.dll? If so, what is that?

Besides SOSI [a classic example of a niche format for which it is useful to have a GDAL dataport] are there formats you must access that are covered by GDAL but not by Radian? If so, what are they?

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#13-Sep-17 09:56

So far gdal201 worked well.

We do work with Microstation so I went to look if DGN v8 is supported by gdal -

Microstation DGN v8

Available since GDAL 2.2

it would help, but

This driver requires to be built against the (non open source) Open Design Alliance Teigha library.

I do not want to build gdal myself. I have not looked into Teigha yet.

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