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c.pierdet10 post(s)
#09-Oct-17 10:38

Hi all,

i'm new here but i hope i can find some answers for my questions :

i'm working with surface tools to create watersheds but i have no idea if calculate the mean slope for a surface can be done. In fact i would like to say to manifold : take a drawing where my whatersheds is and calculate the mean slope...

second question about the slope:

We can have a visualization of the slopes (view, display option/display : slope) but can i say to manifold create a drawing (or a surface) with the area where the slope <10

Thanks, Colin


1,872 post(s)
#09-Oct-17 11:51

Welcome from another Colin. Check out transfer heights for your average slope and create contours for picking out the area of slope <10.

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c.pierdet10 post(s)
#09-Oct-17 13:52

Thank you colin,

it's perfect for both !


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#12-Oct-17 07:32

Another thing you could do is to write the average slope to your watersheds area per SQL:

UPDATE [Watersheds] SET [Slope] = SlopeHeight ([Dgm], GEOM([Geom (I)]));

Add a new column to your Drawing with [Slope].

Have a look at the attached Map.

After this you can select all your areas with Slope <=10 with the Transform Toolbar:


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