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c.pierdet10 post(s)
#09-Oct-17 17:13


An other question about Surface tools modules :

i use whatershed to draw my river and with this river i can draw a nive elevation profil alon the line ( see picture one)

But i would like to put on this graph some point to see where their are along the profil... (picture 2)

Some one have any idea?

Thanks, Colin


c.pierdet10 post(s)
#10-Oct-17 10:14

One more question :

i don't understand the lenght scale my river mesure 15000m and the profil is between 0 and 500.. do you now how see the scale or modifie it?


1,872 post(s)
#10-Oct-17 12:13

For you first question there is a manual method that I describe here:

There are some scripting and SQL methods too in the forum but not sure if they will run in 8.0.30

And your second question, consider that you are looking at a profile, a cross section of the terrain. So 500 is the horizontal distance from start to finish of your profile line, not the length of the line.

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