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#10-Oct-17 19:57

Two new videos have been published that re-do examples in the user manual:

- A video that repeats the Example: Style Panel Quickstart topic

- A video that repeats the Example: Format the Size of City Points by Population topic

Mike Pelletier

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#10-Oct-17 22:45

Glad your doing these videos and improving them whenever it's appropriate. Great learning tools!


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#11-Oct-17 11:45

Really helpful Dimitri for someone as time poor as I am, thanks.

Aussie Nature Shots


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#12-Oct-17 08:01

looked for "openstreet" topics in the Radian on-line help but have drawn a blank.

Is there a video / help topic example explaining how to magic vector drawings from Openstreet, as used in the "Style Panel Quickstart" video ?

I've cludged through create new data source / Type Web Server: osm which does add a "drawing" but it is empty. Future 163.4.

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