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#11-Oct-17 19:46

When working with a map component containing "many" images in Future, my system freezes briefly while drawing the component on screen.

My system is a Dell XPS laptop with a Kaby Lake i7 2.8ghz cpu, 32gb of RAM and a geforce GTX1050 gpu. I am suspicious that this specific CPU's "stutter" problem may be the culprit, and wonder if anyone else sees the same behaviour in their non-Kaby-Lake systems.

Here is the scenario, and my thanks in advance for any troubleshooting recommendations.

I have a v9 map file that is ~15gb in size. It was created by opening a v8 map file in Future, then "Saving As". The map file is stored on the local SSD of this same machine on which I am running Future.

The map file contains 68 image components. Each are 128x128 tiled, uint8x3 tile type, and about 7000 x 8500 pixels in size. They are all projected in EPSG 3578.

I have a map component which is assigned as EPSG 3578. That map component has about 30 of the images as item entities.

When I double click the map component to "open" it, the mouse cursor freezes on screen for about 10 seconds. Task manager shows a spike in CPU usage (see attached), but no other resource use changes (disk, ram remain same). After 5 seconds or so, the map displays correctly and control is returned.

Subsequently panning the map produces that same behaviour; a complete freeze of the system with a spike in CPU usage, lasting about 3-5 seconds. Pressing the "windows" key on my keyboard during that "freeze" does not open the Windows Start menu until after the map window has drawn.

In the original Release 8 map file, loaded in x64 on this same machine, the same map component snaps open immediately, and all images are drawn immediately with system control retained. Pans, zooms, etc, are all fast and fluid.

It may be the case that there is some issue with this particular hardware configuration, in which case I would love to know!

Thank you for an advice you can offer.



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#11-Oct-17 20:41

I am suspicious that this specific CPU's "stutter" problem may be the culprit,

Almost certainly that's not it.

You see pauses sometimes like that in Radian in other settings, such as resizing an undocked window. They tend to come from many different processes going on that sometimes interact just right with the Windows scheduler so the Radian engine ends up waiting on Window to sort out housekeeping. A side effect of Radian being able to reach out and grab *all* available resources is that in such cases Windows can have less resources to think through its issues, and even resources to service mouse motion and such aren't available.

Ongoing tuning will reduce when such things can happen. Some of that, paradoxically, will be to not take so many resources but to leave Windows with a few more resources to ensure balance.

Task manager, by the way, is a really blunt instrument and won't catch the details that are necessary to see in any of that (won't catch any CPU stutter issues, either, as those happen at time scales way smaller than what Task manager can resolve).

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#12-Oct-17 00:07

Thanks for that explanation. When I open Radian or Future with one or more LiDAR tiles, it usually opens on the wrong monitor. When I drag it over to the correct monitor, it freezes for 10-20 seconds. When it comes back it blinks back in the location where my mouse stopped dragging, not in the location where it froze. Other than the freeze for that window, the computer is fully usable.


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#23-Oct-17 18:07

That might be something else. Are we talking about dragging a map window or dragging a table window? If it is the map window, does the freeze disappear if you switch the rendering engine in options to 'Basic, software'?


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#23-Oct-17 18:06

Does this get better if the map contains less components? If you create a map with, say, 5 components, do the freezes get noticeably smaller / disappear?

More precisely, if you zoom to the area which only shows about 5 components on the screen, is there a big difference between a map that contains no other layers and a map that contains the remaining 25 layers?

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