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#26-Oct-17 17:31

SHA256: 16f87a5dd0ae10c995a444b04500b66656995dd779d73183a6d3fd7106a49433

SHA256: 41beab4bfd39083bf5b3b365614332b4ca4fe897c73d67f538770cf29e2389e2


(Fix) Definitions of native queries on SQL Server are no longer cut at 4000 characters.

Shift-clicking a cell or record handle in a grid window extends the selection from the current record to the clicked record. Extending the selection copies the selection state of the current record.

Shift-Down / Shift-Up / Shift-PgDown / Shift-PgUp / Shift-Ctrl-Home / Shift-Ctrl-End keys in a grid window extend the selection from the current record to the new record.

(Fix) GeomConvertToLine no longer returns NULL values for normalized areas.

Folder selection dialog uses the new dialog similar to File - Open.

File - Open dialog includes a checkbox for opening MAP file in read-only mode.

File - Link dialog includes a checkbox for switching between persistent cache and temporary cache. The old Options button is removed.

File - Import / Link dialogs report the name of the target data source in caption instead of in a control close to the bottom of the dialog, and only report it if the target data source is different from the main MAP file.

File - Export dialog saves and restores last export filter for component type.

The comment / script windows detect readonly components and make the text readonly.

The table window allows reapplying current filters and orders using the new View - Reapply Filter / Order command, also put into the toolbar. The command is always enabled. If there are no filters / orders, the command does nothing.

The table window displays a filter icon in the left top corner if there are filters. Clicking the icon reapplies filters (and orders if there are any).

The table window supports creating a query for the current filters using the new View - Filter - Filter using Query command. The command is unavailable from the command window not tied to a component because there is no way to refer to the temporary table within that window.

The default sizes for datetime, varbinary and several other fields used by the table window are increased.

The Edit - Find and Edit - Replace dialogs are cleaned up and work again for the table window. Using dialogs with values in a non-text field disables match options for case and whole word. Both dialogs set the default button to Find Next, allowing to invoke the dialog using Ctrl-F / Ctrl-H, then typing text and immediately pressing Enter to try finding it.

The table window automatically scrolls to the target field when displaying preview for the Transform pane.

The table window no longer stops filling records after applying a filter or order. New records are appended at the bottom, without filter / order applied. To reapply filter / order, use View - Reapply Filter / Order.

The table window holds on adding new records coming from the table if the user starts editing a cell value or invokes a context menu. The records continue being fetched in background, but they don't go to the list until the editing finishes / until the menu is closed.

The table window shows a context menu for the fill record with the new Stop Reading Records command that stops the fill and the Filter using Query command to create a filter query if there are any filters.

(Fix) Database dataports create virtual drawings based on views in addition to tables.

Computing the bounding box for a spatial index in Oracle performs much faster.

End of list.


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#27-Oct-17 00:23

Great work and what a turnaround time. I am especially please regarding the last two items ...

(Fix) Database dataports create virtual drawings based on views in addition to tables.

Computing the bounding box for a spatial index in Oracle performs much faster.

I can report that for our Oracle instance, the handshake time for the feature I mentioned in thread has gone from ~330 seconds to ~15 seconds, literally overnight!

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#27-Oct-17 16:07

Great List of new features.

Curious about the selecting multiple fields in a table for deletion. Is there a way to do this in the table or in the schema editing popup? I have imported a table of data that has a huge number of fields most of which I do not need; it is tedious deleting them one by one.

I know I can do this with a query but I was hoping there would be something more GUIish that could accomplish the same thing.


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#28-Oct-17 08:38

The current Schema dialog does not allow selecting multiple fields, so you have to select the first field, delete it from the list, select the second field, delete it from the list, etc, then press OK to commit changes and delete all fields at once from the table. We are planning to rework the dialog, being able to select multiple fields will be one of the changes.

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#28-Oct-17 14:28

That would be great. Thanks for the feedback Adam.


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#31-Oct-17 13:22

Using MF I'm not completely happy with the translation. Suggestions accepted.

And Templates generally need rework because strings have changed but not the name of the string which makes ist hard to notice changes.

Anyway, here is the german UI for



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#31-Oct-17 13:48

Oops, no, names have been changed when strings have changed. It's just my translation that needs clarification.

Perhaps I need to cite original commands Merge, Union, Join ... in transforms and in the statusbar to be exact and provide keywords for search in help.

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