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c.pierdet10 post(s)
#09-Nov-17 12:14

Hi all

I would like to studiing hydro pentential in a area. For that i using SRTM 30 and surface tools for creat the stream flow in a area.

To see the potential fall i would like to see the slope on the ligne.

i now that i can transfert height from my surface (witch i transform with slope fonction) on the rivier ligne. But i didn't find a good way to cut my ligne into equal distance segment. i use a grid for cuting line bute it is not god in half (picture 1)...

Do you have any idea?





1,884 post(s)
#09-Nov-17 18:57


Aussie Nature Shots

c.pierdet10 post(s)
#13-Nov-17 16:39

i try this fonction but didn't wotk i this i have alwas my big line....

In fact i would like to cut the ligne in few part apply the slope and create a fonctionfor creat point if the slope is superior at a value. do you think it's possible?

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