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#10-Nov-17 14:39

Two new videos have been published, both involving how views into drawings and table windows do indeed support working with the entire table, even those too big to be interactively browsed.

A video with OSM data taken from PBF format uses an internal build of Future that should be issued in the next few days, which provides import from OSM PBF, OSM and O5M formats. It's really huge data and Future's ability to work with layers that include different object types (Points, Lines, Areas in a single drawing) make it really easy to work with data imported from PBF.

Another video showing edits to small tables and big tables shows both how to do simple tasks using the Select and Transform panes but also how you always have the entire table at your fingertips, with select and transform applying to all of it.

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#10-Nov-17 21:18

Looking forward to the new build.

These videos are very helpful. The fast pace keeps them moving and brief. If (when) I need to slow down or go back, that's easy enough. Now if I could just remember watching the videos and go back to them instead of bothering you with some of my more inane questions...sigh.


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#11-Nov-17 08:18

Questions are fun! Plus... if you have questions, other people likely have the same questions, so the forum is a good place to get answers for all.

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