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#10-Nov-17 23:02

Hello all,

We currently use Manifold Manifold

We have several scripts , e.g. to import excel sheets and create multiple maps, which we frequently use.

My question is, to move to Manifold Future and/or Radian Studio, can we still use our scripts and they will work fine?

Actually I am not sure what the upgrades are and how the new interface looks like, but I guess it should be significantly improved and we should eventually move to newer versions.



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#10-Nov-17 23:59

No, scripts written for Manifold 8 will need to be completely redesigned and rewritten for 9-series products, which has many new concepts and a completely new API.

There is also a new and more powerful SQL. Some simple queries will work unchanged, but in general, queries will need to be fully reworked for the new SQL.

See the documentation for Manifold Future and the new API here.


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#11-Nov-17 08:24

Actually I am not sure what the upgrades are and how the new interface looks like

? I see Manifold should more actively promote the videos and the availability of the FREE viewer. :-)

No need to wonder what the new interface looks like. Download and use the free Future Viewer. It is everything that is in Manifold Future except that it is a) read only and b) it doesn't do GPGPU (but it is still fully CPU parallel). You can re-do virtually all of the videos in Viewer, write scripts, import and play around with queries from 8, etc., etc.

There is a complete list of videos in the Gallery page.


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#12-Nov-17 15:55

in the gallery the link text " initiative at" go to wrong link . there is a www. in the url that is make url wrong !!

this link is good " initiative at"

refer to my last post ....uber is a way to have a time drive zone even they use contour iris from IGN really great usber user don't use service the morning .....!!! ( few data )

thank for the link to gallery dimitry

join image "Because my dad promised me" interstellar from Manifold: Time by Stephen Baxter. power Math destruction


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#12-Nov-17 19:55

Thanks for the note! I've filed a bug report. Also, thanks for the iris contours link!

IGN has some wonderful data, ... but sometimes it can be hard to find or even know it is there. :-)

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