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lionel113 post(s)
#12-Nov-17 23:58


Does geocoding in manifold v8 work in windows 10 ?

I try to install the dll for geocode virtual Earth and not a lot of things is anable in the manifold GUI menu 32 bit !!

I know radian work but i have to do the work in a V8 map version AKA manifold not radian ..and cubersome to create a map v9 only for geocoding !!

Does it ll work better with a manifold 64 bit version ? ( i read doc and i think it is NO )


lionel113 post(s)
#19-Nov-17 12:12

I think issue is wellknown for people who read the forum .

we need to declare to Microssoft OS ( win 10 ) that the file we download are trust and don't have to be block !! so we change one property of the file ......


lionel113 post(s)
#19-Nov-17 16:58

It seem manifoldfuture9 already use

-- SQL9 use by radian studio

-- javascript V8 use by radian Studio

-- *.map file format create by radian studio 9 ( i have a strange behaviour when do that for create table to geocode from scratch !!)


lionel113 post(s)
#19-Nov-17 18:29

for radianstudio can we use

code SELECT [mfd_id], [adress 2],

GeocodeAddress([google_gcode],[adress 2]) AS [longlat],

VectorValue(GeocodeAddress([google_gcode],[adress 2]), 1) AS [lat],

VectorValue(GeocodeAddress([google_gcode],[adress 2]), 0) AS [lon]

INTO [newtable_geom_latlong]

FROM [restaurant];

sometime the 3 column lonlat (geom) and lat and long has <NULL> value

-3 value inside longlat lat and lon so it is ok

-2 value like longlat and lat OR lat lon OR longlat OR lon and the last volumn has value of <NULL>

if i have longlat i should have lat and lon

if i have lat and lon i should have longlat

is it a problem of thread ?

the KML export is not here !!



4,278 post(s)
#20-Nov-17 06:44

sometime the 3 column lonlat (geom) and lat and long has <NULL> value

Read this example topic and use Ctrl-F to find sentences containing the word NULL.

is it a problem of thread ?


the KML export is not here !!

? Open a drawing. Choose File - Export. In the Save as type box you will find KML files in the list between GPKG files and MML files.

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