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#20-Nov-17 16:26

SHA256: 6eb17b2bd25242b90ff981c0488590b9948f440da1eaa9261d8de3a2934447b0

SHA256: 9beeca34f8fd3e141b65c9c2f8bfc6a635f2aee80c2266d4b52f2caaaeaccf69


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#20-Nov-17 16:28


There is support for layouts.

The File - Create - New Layout command creates a new layout. The New Layout commands in the context menus in the Project pane create a new layout. The Project pane supports filtering the component list to show only layouts. The Project pane supports copying and pasting layouts. Layouts can be exported to MML.

A layout contains zero or more layout frames. Opening a layout allows dragging and dropping components from the Project pane to create new layout frames. Unlike with a map, it is possible to drop the same component into a layout multiple times, creating multiple layout frames managed separately. (The layout window currently does not allow deleting or reordering layout frames, this is coming.)

The layout window supports pans and zooms similarly to the map window. The View - Zoom to Native command sets the display scale as close to the physical scale as possible (the scale accuracy depends on the physical dimensions of the screen area reported by the display driver, most drivers report the same values regardless of the monitor so the scale is fairly close but not exactly accurate).

Alt-clicking a layout frame displays drag handles which can be used to resize or move the frame. The frame automatically snaps to other frames and to page edges. Pressing Escape unselects the frame.

Double-clicking a layout frame selects it for pan and zoom, switching pan and zoom actions (drag to pan, mouse wheel to zoom, right-click and drag to zoom to rect, plus View - Zoom Xxx menu commands) to work on the contents of the frame instead of on the layout window. Pressing Escape unselects the frame. (The rendering scale in layout frames does not currently reflect the scale that will be used during printing. This is going to be changed.)

Double-clicking a layout frame that is partly off-screen or is too small zooms the layout window to the frame prior to selecting it for pan and zoom.

The layout window renders components in layout frames using multiple threads, similarly to the map window.

The layout window allows changing the size, orientation and margins for the printed page using File - Page Setup. The layout frames are automatically repositioned to stay in the new printable area: if the new printable area is bigger, the frames move towards the center, if the new printable area is smaller, the frames try to move to stay within it and then reduce in size.

The layout window allows printing the layout using File - Print. Printing the layout uses either the advanced or the basic rendering engine, as specified in options. Printing notes:

  • All vector and text objects are rendered at their true point size, in both rendering engines.
  • Images are rendered with the resolution specified in the Print dialog, in both rendering engines.
  • The advanced rendering engine performs vector antialiasing using the mode best suitable for the device. The basic rendering engine does not perform vector antialiasing, but this is partly compensated by the resolution which is normally significantly higher than for display.
  • Text objects are antialiased in both rendering engines.
  • The advanced rendering engine supports layer alpha for all types of layers. The basic rendering engine only supports layer alpha for images.

(As a general rule, we suggest using the advanced rendering engine. Also, we do test against a lot of printer drivers, but since the number of printers is so immense, we pay special attention to the system printer driver for PDF, which is built into Windows 10. That way, if something does not work with a real printer, the user can at least compose a PDF and print that.)

The map window scales all data to their point sizes according to the display resolution.


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#21-Nov-17 06:27

What a great start. I particularly like the double clicking on the layout frame and the pan/zoom/drag. Works really well and feels really intuitive.

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#22-Nov-17 12:13

I agree, the double click on the frame to change the pan/zoom/drag focus is intuitive. So much so that I skip read Adam's notes above, and had a bunch of frames open, zoomed, contents zoomed to fit, and then printed in the first few minutes. Really well implemented.

I caught myself out Alt clicking to select an excess frame, and then pressing delete, and then remembered that delete and reorder are yet to come.


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#20-Nov-17 16:28


(Fix) The map window correctly repaints after a resize.

Dataports set to use the .MAPCACHE file automatically delete the .MAPCACHE file on exit if it is empty. (This happens when the user links the file but does not access any tables that use cache, or if the user decides not to save changes to cache when asked by the system.)

(Fix) TMS and several other web dataports no longer sometimes fail to display tiles due to a race condition in XML reader.

Web dataports can work with older web servers that don't support HTTP KeepAlive.

Web dataports automatically detect the image type of a returned tile if the server did not provide it.

(Fix) The CSV dataport no longer sometimes fails to read files above 2 GB.

(Fix) The DBF dataport no longer sometimes fails to read files above 2 GB.

(Fix) The DBF dataport reads invalid numeric values as NULL.

(Fix) Database dataports no longer generate a stream of errors for invalid tables.

There is a new dataport for PBF files used for OpenStreetMap data.

The PBF dataport supports reading OSM files (an alternative format for the same data which is still used by many data producers).

The PBF dataport supports reading O5M files (another alternative format).

The GPKG dataport allows exporting an image to a new GPKG file. The export automatically creates pyramids.

End of list.

PS: This build does not contain the fix to allow passing a table from a script function to a query. We had to hold that fix off due to a related issue. The fix should come in the next build in two or three days.


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#21-Nov-17 23:12

there is no automatic update with manifold future ?

help -> about -> i read : Your version is up to date ( ( 31-Oct-2017)

... i ll read the website and forum ....

join image

"Because my dad promised me" ( interstellar ) but blackhole don't exist

best hardware with no ads focus on quality features price like manifold see xiaomi


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#22-Nov-17 05:12

there is no automatic update with manifold future ?

Correct. Future is cutting edge, open beta software. To use it you must follow the Cutting Edge threads. Read the announcements, follow along the discussions, watch the videos.

Make sure you are reading Future documentation and not documentation for the non-cutting edge Radian Studio product.

Future documentation usually is not too terribly wrong but it lags behind changes in builds. For example, much of the documentation still refers to Select dialogs instead of Select panels. The difference is not a big deal because the Select panel is virtually identical to the old Select dialog. If you read the announcement you'll see the difference and can otherwise continue to use the documentation as is.

By the way, on behalf of Manifold's team I would like to thank you for your many suggestions! I hope you find Future to your liking and will continue contributing with Future.

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