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SHA256: b0c0504287f0983d3aa47aad6b28d58b8242f4e868b724220e22e8d9a4541b66

SHA256: d5bb27940a6d11a12c839b4fd2b34916670ce3f6fd290176d2f9d5a516b5c4ba

(We are going to keep releasing these smaller incremental builds in preparation for 9. Smaller builds are a better fit for the current development processes. If you are installing a build, make sure you have the latest version and make sure to read the notes for all of the previous versions.)


8,634 post(s)
#20-Dec-17 16:24


Opening a MAP file created with Manifold 8 imports background color, layer opacity and layer shown / hidden flags for maps.

The layout window displays layout frames in the Layers pane. The Layers pane allows reordering frames, showing and hiding frames. Hiding an active layout frame (the frame that is being resized or moved using the handles or the frame that is being panned and zoomed) makes it inactive. Moving or resizing layout frames ignores hidden frames during snapping.

Layout frames support opacity edited through the Layers pane. The layout window applies frame opacity regardless of the rendering engine, but printing a layout will only use frame opacity if the printing is performed by the advanced rendering engine.

The layout window supports selecting layout frames. Selected layout frames are highlighted in both the layout window and in the Layers pane. Ctrl-clicking a layout frame toggles its selection state. Ctrl-dragging the cursor in a layout window selects layout frames using a box. Similarly to map window, pressing Ctrl at the end of the selection box selects all visible frames with any part in the box, and releasing Ctrl selects all visible frames entirely within the box. Using Shift with the selection box unselects frames instead of selecting them. Layout frames can also be selected from the Layers pane.

The layout window supports the Edit - Select All / Select None / Select Inverse commands.

The layout window supports the Edit - Delete command that deletes selected layout frames. Layout frames can also be deleted from the Layers pane.

Moving a selected layout frame in a layout window moves all selected frames.

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