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#22-Dec-17 18:46

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(Fix) The layout window correctly maps Delete key to Edit - Delete.

The layout window displays coordinates for the active layout frame (the frame selected using Alt-click) in the Record pane. The coordinate values are displayed in a new tab named 'Style' (the name might change) and are expressed in millimeters from the corner of the page without counting the margins. Editing the coordinate values does not apply changes to the frame until the user presses the Update Record button at the bottom of the pane. Moving the frame in the layout window will undo changes made in the Record pane.

Pressing Ctrl-Enter or right-clicking an arbitrary place in the layout window applies changes to the active frame made in the Record pane. Pressing Ctrl-Backspace in the layout window cancels changes. (Pressing Escape also cancels changes because it makes the active frame inactive.)

The coordinate values displayed for the layout frame in the Record pane switch between millimeters and inches using a combo. The choice of units persists for the duration of the session.

The layout window supports the Move Previous / Move Next commands in the Record pane and moves between the visible frames.

Layout frames support background color, set from the Record pane. If the frame is semi-transparent, the background is rendered as a semi-transparent layer under frame contents (in other words, the background color is applied both to completely transparent pixels such as missing pixels in rasters and free space in vectors, as well as to semi-transparent pixels such as pixels with intermediate values of the alpha channel in rasters or any data in semi-transparent map layers).

Printing semi-transparent data avoids aliasing effects when rendering to PDF.

The Oracle dataport reads binary values using an improved technique that minimizes the need for locking (much friendlier to multiple threads).

The Oracle and SQL Server dataports support deleting virtual tables used to expose SDE data.

The Oracle dataport supports renaming and deleting of virtual images created for native Oracle rasters.

The PostgreSQL dataport supports renaming and deleting of virtual images created for native PostgreSQL rasters.

End of list.


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#23-Dec-17 13:35

Here is the german UI for MF/MV- before the next big step in UI development.


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