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#25-Dec-17 18:03

SHA256: eb56138cdb22a7304413e1daf50ce7ad0ebc012242033b5afc0ef8bd8daf457e

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#25-Dec-17 18:04


The map window displays styles for labels in the Style pane and allows editing them.

The font picker window used for labels in the Style pane displays a drop-down list of the fonts available in all modern versions of Windows, plus a choice for a custom font.

Layouts support label frames. To add a new label frame, select the new View - Mode - Create Label tool, then click a location in a layout. The layout window will create a new frame with the default text and size and will select it in the Record pane to allow changing text. Zooming a layout window adjusts the size of the text in label frames to reflect printed size.

The Layers pane displays the text for label frames in layouts.

The Record pane allows editing color, background color, text style, font and font size for a label frame in a layout.

(Fix) The icon for the default cursor mode has been adjusted to line up with icons for other cursor modes.

(Fix) Switching from another application into Future by clicking a layout window that was previously inactive no longer fails to make it active.

Moving a frame in a layout window first tries to fit it into the page boundary before cutting it to that boundary. Resizing a frame skips the fitting and cuts the new rectangle to the page boundary. Snapping of the resulting rectangle to the rectangles of other frames is done after fitting / cutting, this makes it more predictable.

The Record pane allows displaying and editing the position of a layout frame in points (a point is 1/72 of an inch).

The Record pane allows zooming to the current record. (This works for all types of records - drawing records, image records, layout frames.)

The majority of dataports that expose maps do so using the new map format. (The only current exceptions are GPX and KML.)

End of list.


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#25-Dec-17 20:56

And the german ui file with the few additional UI strings.


Shutdown adusts priorities: Do we really want to go back to where we came from?


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#27-Dec-17 00:06

The Record pane allows zooming to the current record. (This works for all types of records - drawing records, image records, layout frames.)

I couldn't be happier about this. I can now use SQL9 for almost every daily task. (Every task if I am happy to write code for e.g. interpolation, hard for me but doable. Very happy to write code for curvature functions even if quickly replaced by better built-in functions.)

That's a major milestone for me, the last missing piece.



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#27-Dec-17 06:14


it should be zooming to the actuals records . The s is important : all items that appear in the table row record and should be use to create geom after click on create button .

the zooming icon in pane should exist not only for creation of geom but also for selection near the other zoom icons buttons ( fit + -) and perhaps the inner zoom icon should be red for selection .. convert/Switch .... to blue for creation ...



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#27-Dec-17 07:15

Do you mean that we should be able to zoom a map window to the extent of selected records in a particular layer (we can already zoom to the entire layer from the layer tab context menu)? If so, we agree, that's on the list of things to add. If you meant something else, please correct me.


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#27-Dec-17 07:23

I mean for this new zoom "selected in creation mode " should also exist a zoom for "selected in selection mode" where any drawing exist ( DRAwing Windows or drawing inside a map windows for each item independantly , a new item of the name of the map component should also be here near the others layers ) .

Thus when we select a item in the table , drawing know the item selected in table and render if zoom button enable a area Boundingbox rect that contain the selected items in table but show all the items in this bounding area ! Go back to table and click on this zoom icon button should filter/ show all the items that are viewable in drawing ( contain in the BBox or any BBox ) . The question is how behave the button when switch to drawing and it own table and vice versa .

Perhaps also associated with that a way to focus on individual item one by one in drawing or table mode !!

I don't know if this make sense in a daily use ?


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#27-Dec-17 07:36

Thanks, I understand it better now, we are talking about means to zoom to data across windows (for example, open a drawing, open its table, locate a record in the table window, click it and somehow zoom the drawing to it, and various other scenarios including possibly filtering). Yes, this is certainly useful. I will add a couple of items to the wishlist.

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