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SHA256: ece44cdbf366d5969afae3c4a23d185f9fc4d0670561499c230a60a3e9ce57c9

SHA256: e1fc3204d4ef08bf2e8948e787192c5e95b5c0dadf179bd56e86de6d571598b0

(A reminder: using this cutting edge build requires a working license of 9.)


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The Style pane allows composing intervals using natural breaks. The algorithm computing natural breaks has been improved to work for arbitrary amounts of data.

Computing natural breaks optimizes breaks globally. (This produces better results than the algorithm used by Manifold 8, at negligible cost.)

The File - Page Setup and File - Print commands are only displayed for layout windows.

The map window supports the File - Print Preview command, which creates a virtual layout component. If the map window displays a virtual map, customizations made to that virtual map are ignored (save the virtual map as a regular component first).

The layout window supports the Edit - Save as Layout command, which saves the virtual layout as a regular component in the opened MAP file. If the MAP file is read-only, the command is disabled. Saving the virtual layout as a regular component selects the created component in the Project pane.

(Fix) The SQL Server dataport no longer sometimes fails to work with tables that contain indexes created by the SQL Server Spatial Extender.

(Fix) The SQL Server dataport no longer fails to capture keys for newly inserted records for tables with triggers.

Dataports for SQL Server and other databases automatically downgrade written geometry values to Manifold 8 format if the target table has been created by Manifold 8.

End of list.

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