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8,634 post(s)
#09-Jan-18 17:35


Map window allows inserting new labels using visual tools similar to those used for drawings. (Labels bound to areas are currently displayed near the 'first' coordinate of the area. This will be changed.) Inserting a label bound to a point creates either a single label bound to a multi-point if the label is finished using Shift-right-click or Shift-Ctrl-Enter, or multiple labels bound to each of the entered points if the label is finished using right-click or Ctrl-Enter. The coordinates and field values of the new label are displayed in the Record pane. The text of the new label is displayed on the Style tab of the Record pane.

Alt-clicking a label in a map window puts it into the Record pane. The map window highlights the coordinates for the label and allows editing them as long as the Record pane has the Coordinates tab selected (similarly to drawings).

The Record pane allows moving from the active label to the previous or next label, and zooming to the active label. (Currently, the previous and next labels can be anywhere, similarly to previous and next drawing objects, and they might be hidden because of overlaps with other labels. We are considering changing the logic to move only between labels that are on the screen because they are guaranteed to be visible.)

The Record pane displays formatting values for the active label in the Style tab. If the labels component uses per-record formatting, the Record pane allows editing formatting values.

The Record pane disables editing the field value with the text for the active label in the Values tab (use the Style tab).

Inserting a new label sets label text to the default value (localizable in UI.TXT).

The Component pane displays the geometry field and index used for labels. (We will also display the text field that has been displayed before.)

(Fix) Exporting a table to MML no longer sometimes fails (usually happens with tables with WKB geometry values from databases).

(Fix) Virtual tables for shared components on Enterprise storages are made read-only. (Attempts to edit always failed, but the read-only nature of the data was not reflected in the table schema and so the table window / map window assumed the components were editable.)

(Fix) Removing a virtual component for a shared component on an Enterprise storage cleans all relevant metadata to avoid re-creating the virtual component on next connection.

The TIFF dataport ignores subimages that store intermediate levels for the 'main' image - as long as they are marked as such.

End of list.

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