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#11-Jan-18 19:50

Here it is about manifold V8

I always ask myself how can we see ( using ours eyes ) that a drawing contain shape that overlap ? .

I wanted to see if opacity could be apply to drawing but not . So i use a map that contain one drawing .

So yes opacity can be use to detect overlap shape ( area) when use drawing inside a map !!

Does it make sense that drawing has in its contextual menu the item call " opacity " or set by default to 50 % ?

both for lines and points we can see color are different when overlap exist on both drawing ( alone) and drawing inside map !!




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#12-Jan-18 08:30

We have been thinking about allowing drawing objects and labels to be semi-transparent and we will likely do this, but there are several things we need to do before it (primarily means to control Z order).

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