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#13-Jan-18 17:47

In no particular order.

1. The project pane filter is good. I would like to see it expanded over folders. That is, filter (show) all the drawings or tables that are within a folder tree (or a selected folder tree).

2. Allow the user to set the project pane default position as floating and not linked to the right side of the screen.

3. Autohide the project and the contents pane while these are floating or linked over the main screen. Manifold 8 creates these nice tabs for various panes on the side of the program that permit more screen real estate. I'm sure this (or something like it) is probably in the works.

4. A freefrom drawing tool . Lately Ive been digitizing using 8 and find that the freeform style tool for digitizing lines is very usefull for coastal and vegetation drawing.

There are some others.

How soon?

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#14-Jan-18 01:10

The option to open new components (drawings, tables, etc) not maximized to the Manifold window. Having to ALT Left Click on a new component when other components are already opened non-maximized is a mild annoyance.

A variety of choices to tailor the UI would be welcome.

Still, right now I'm happy the Manifold team is focusing on fundamental capabilities.


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#15-Jan-18 07:12

1 - the filter in the Project pane applies through folders already, no?

2 - you can undock the Project pane by Alt-clicking its tab, similarly to component windows. You can reposition the undocked Project pane and it is going to remember where it was between sessions.

The rest is clear.



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#15-Jan-18 14:29

1 - the filter in the Project pane applies through folders already, no?

Yes it does but the folders have to be (open or expanded? (pressing +)) I was thinking that I would like them to "dissapear" fron the project pane view if I want to see say all the drawings on the project.

Also it would be neat if I could filter out (show on the project pane) the drawings and the images at the same time.


How soon?

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