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Viewer can open MXB files. If the MXB file being opened has not been uncompressed into a persistent MAP file (eg, by 9), Viewer will uncompress it into a temporary MAP file. Since Viewer cannot save MAP files, closing the file will throw away all uncompressed data and attempting to open the MXB file later on will have to uncompress it again.

The name for the new MAP file shown in the caption of the main application window is localizable and no longer contains a counter: [Project1] -> [Project2] -> ... are now (New Project) by default.

The Style pane allows specifying shading options for an image, using the Options tab. Shading is only available for images colored using a palette built on a single channel.

The old Edit - Style command and the old Style dialog are removed.

The File - Print command notifies the printer driver about the paper size, format and orientation used by the layout. If the printer driver does not support the specified paper size, the command uses the default parameters for that printer. (Similar changes to the File - Page Setup command are on the way.)

The TIFF dataport recognizes several new tags with min / max channel values for image data and uses that info to style images.

The GDAL dataport uses min / max channel values to style images, when the GDAL driver makes them available.

The GDAL dataport splits images for HSL, CMYK and YCbCr data into multiple single-channel images.

End of list.

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